Anger Management Review: Sorry, Charlie

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This will not be a very long review. I don't have much to say about Anger Management except this: I didn't laugh once. I cringed far more than I smiled, suffering through back-to-back episodes of painful jokes and obvious set-ups.

Then again, I've felt the same way every time I've watched a Two and a Half Men episode, so it's entirely possible that viewers who followed Charlie Sheen from CBS to FX are giving him a standing ovation right about now. I'd just love to hear why.

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As far as comeback vehicles go, Anger Management was probably the best Sheen could do. He plays a therapist trying to come to peace with his troubled past and learn from mistakes. The character allows him to almost apologize for real-life behavior on a weekly basis.

The best thing I can say about about the series is that, aside from the opening, it didn't force any meta jokes down our throat. The premise really takes care of that on its own. I would have turned off the television if there was a single line about "Tiger's blood."

Instead, it was one generic punch line after another, most based on sex and dating, with extreme examples of over-acting from everyone in Charlie's therapy group.

It's a very odd fit on FX, whose comedy leanings to date favor more edgier, far less conventional programs such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the incredible Louie.

Again, I just can't much about this sort of show. I'm a television fan whose favorite sitcoms are Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock. There's not a lot of overlap between the humor on those programs and the jokes laid out here.

So I'll use this as a forum for Sheen fans to commiserate instead: What did you think of the Anger Management premiere?


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it was good for this kind of sitcom, me thinks the critics who bash it bash above all Charlie Sheen for not good reasons..well because he is not 'role model' material which is ridiculous imo since he is just an actor not the president.


I agree, it was awful. Awful jokes, awful acting, and awful close-ups


I am (was) a big Charlie fan. So with great anticipation I waited for his new show (Anger Mngmt) to premiere. What a big disappointment!! The very 1st thing I noticed from the opening is how quickly the show moves from scene to scene. It opens with him in his therapy session, 3 mins later go to commercial, After the commercial now he is with his daughter in her bedroom, that lasts for a whole 90 secs and then it switches to him and his girlfriend having sex which also lasts almost 90 secs, then alll of a sudden he is at his ex wife's house and that scene lasted a whole 20 mins, and then "voila", time for another commercial break. If you watched at least this much of the show then you should know what I'm talking about. Hell, the scenes changed so quickly the viewer doesn't even get a chance to know who the players (cast) are or even their names. I did not smile/grin (much less laugh) one single time in the 30 mins I watched before turning the channel. I am so disappointed after such a HYPED up wait for this show. I would think a PILOT would be the most important show of the series. Grab the viewers attention, make him laugh (if it's a comedy) and want more. As for me, I think this was a very poor show, it bounced around too much and too fast, had no laughs or substance, and W A Y too many commercials!!! I will not tune in again------SORRY CHARLIE


I thought it was good and very glad he's back. Let's give it a chance and see where it goes, it has a very good foundation , the. Ex wife and daughter were really good, the restaurant bar was good and so is the therapist come live, I loved the guy next door. Good show


very funny


I liked the preimere, it was good. And to say that its bad right after just the first two, is horrible. Two and a Half men started this way too, and it got better when it found its footing. I can see potential in this show and I think many people do to or will.

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