Bones Creator Reacts to David Boreanaz Tweet, Plans for Seasons 9 and 10

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Like Dwight Howard, David Boreanaz will be a free agent after the 2012-2013. And also like that Orlando Magic center, this Bones star is talking openly about the possibility that he'll be changing teams a year from now.

"You must always keep your options open and ready for new challenges," Boreanaz wrote on Wednesday. "The fear is the unknown and that’s exciting.”

The actor also referred to this year's appearance at Comic-Con for Bones as a possible "farewell tour" for the beloved series.

Seeley and Temperance

Enter Hart Hanson to calm the fears of fans.

Reacting to his star's mysterious Tweets, the creator said he has no plans to wrap up the show with Bones Season 8. In fact...

"Anything can happen in a complicated world,” Hanson tells Entertainment Weekly. “But we’re very, very confident in having at least a season 9, and I can see as far as season 10 before my eyes get misty.”

Boreanaz's contract is up after this season, however, meaning there's at least the possibility that he could exit the series.

But Hanson believes his star is simply negotiating early ("Hats off to him," if so, the producer says), is merely "playing around" and has given no indication that he's unhappy with his role.

"I believe he is certainly hoping for season 9. I don’t think he’s getting tired of it. I think he’ll probably want a little more money when he next has a chance, but that’s completely par for the course. That’s just the way things go... I know him well enough after all these years. He’s just having some fun."

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David is Booth - he will always be. It's the perfect role for him. His leaving will definitely end the aseries. what makes Bones so successful is the chemistry between Booth and Bones. Bones has the ability to make its audience feel like it is part of the family that exists in the lab and FBI. If Emily should leave, the show will also die. the other characters are great, but the show could exist without them. But without Emily and David, you may as well not plan for a season 10. They will forever be in our minds and hearts as Bones and Booth. i have copies of all eight seasons and I have watched them at least 5-7 times each. It is by far the best thing on television. keep up the good work.


I am also going to say David is in position where he doesn't actually have to ever work as his three successful shows are all syndicated, and pretty sure that where the bulk of his money is from. @ANderson many actors do bonehead things, Charlie Sheen is currently making money for being a jerk. And I doubtful as far along as this show is you can't bring someone to replace Booth.


Some episodes back they had another guy replace Booth for a few. He was ok but he was not Booth. When I heard of David's infidelity in marriage I started thinking he didn't deserve to be on a show this good. I started thinking who could they get to replace him. I couldn't come up with anybody. He is not handsome, he is a jerk in real life. I certainly did not like him in Buffy and Angel. But on Bones, he has found his calling. He is strong and tough yet caring and funny. However - if he pulls this stunt of threatening to leave just over money then Good Bye David there's the door. David B. has to realize that it is the witty and rapid-fire writing that makes this show and not David B. The show will go on for many more seasons without him. There is someone out there that we don't know about yet, that will step into David B's shoes and do a credible enough job that it won't even matter that David B. leaves the show.


I know that BONES will not be same without David B, it will always be Bones and Booth, or David and Emily, they are soul mates.......can not find replacement for David B.....can not


You know it could be that his tweet was taken out of context (little play on words) what you read isn't always true. Or it was just another marketing ploy to get more viewers (although the show doesn't need it) to tune in on Monday nights.....more viewers more money more money..... then the writers will go on strike for more money.
I love this show so everyone play nice.


I really think that if David leaves, it will be the end of Bones. As much as I adore the rest of the cast, especially T.J and Michaela, it just won't be Bones without David.


David Boreanaz has already been part of 3 successful series. Consecutively. For the last 16 years, Boreanaz has never been out of work. I am 100% sure he will have several offers, if he isn't thinking of developping and co-producing his own tv show. It's not ego, it's knowing your own value and status in the television business: 16 years and not one failed show!
If he won't resign the contract, "Bones" ratings will be seriously affected, but it could go on. On his part, Boreanaz will find a new job immediately - and possibly a better one.


David should take a minute and go over the list of actors who left successful series only to end up doing nothing for years afterwards. He needs to keep his ego in check. There are great actor out there who whould give anything for a steady gig.


Well, it's not like he's irreplaceable. In the books, Dr. Brennan split up with the father of her daughter ages ago.

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