NCIS Promotes Brian Dietzen to Series Regular

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NCIS fans have finally gotten their wish: Brian Dietzen will appear in the opening credits!

Having already been a regular for years as far as viewers are concerned, the actor earned a long overdue promotion this week and was granted series regular status on TV's most-watched drama.

Looks like Palmer not only survives, but will have an even bigger role in NCIS Season 10.

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“I’m very excited,” Dietzen, who plays lovable assistant medical examiner Jimmy, tells EW of his new deal. “After eight years of being with the show, I got a contract with CBS, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

The promotion, says Dietzen, could indicate Palmer’s increased responsibilities next year, especially in light of Ducky’s heart attack in the Season 9 finale, which ended with Palmer’s whereabouts quite unclear.

“As far as I know I’m safe, and a contract is a good thing to indicate that,” he says.

Indeed. Regarding the end of his years-long absence from the opening credits, he adds, “I believe this year my name will be up at the front of the credits with everyone, so we’ll have the full team at the front. [For my featured shot], I’m hoping I can put on a wig with some long hair and run topless across the beach ... something subtle but still classy.”

If only. Congratulations, Brian!

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This site is for the younger set Right.. no grown ups allowed? Mike you are intitled to your opinion and if the other people think they are so above making a mistake and need to slam some one to feel better.. So what? All I can say is who really cares what people think of you, speak your mind, every one of you.. and forget it if some one says things you know better. there just opinions.


David McCallum is of an age where he might be incapacitated without warning... not necessarily fatally, but enough to prevent him from commuting in from NYC for a while. Remember "Bounce"? Jimmy wasn't just Tony's muse in that episode but during the largely unshown period of Gibbs' retirement/leave ("NCIS" isn't going to leave Gibbs out of _ANY_ episode... Harmon is the well-deserved series lead).


...sadly i am just now reading this article. I give huge congrats to Brian, he's been part of the team since mid/end-season 1. His character never really being stable bugged me a lot. Now if I remember correctly at the end of season 9, Palmer said he wanted his family/team to be there at the wedding and it wouldnt be right without them. So, for all we know he could have been on a plane back to D.C. Brian was LONG OVERDUE to be put on as a regular and damn right deserves it.....but something is seriously urking my gut about it. It was confirmed that David Maccallum is signed on for another two years, but with Brian on as a regular, it could mean that Ducky will be letting Palmer take over more....especially after his heart-attack. So who knows... this may be Mr. Maccallums last contract for the show. only time will tell


If I were one of the producers, I would mix in guest appearances from McCallum's co stars of the past, ie, Dianna Rigg. Because, in reality he is 78 years old. Rumor has it that his health is failing. Ducky may have a diminished role and begin assigning Palmer, more and more, to assignments that he (Ducky) can no longer do because of health concerns.


So does he get killed off


It's about time. He's (imho) been on almost as much as David McCallum (Ducky)


Yes, congrats to Mr. Dietzen. It certainly is about time! And congrats to the powers that be who realized he is a valuable member of the team/show!


Very much excited for NCIS Season 10.


I heard nasty rumor that David McCallum has cancer in real life, and writers promoted Brian to take over for him and they will slowly phase Ducky’s character out of the show. I truly hope that this is just a rumor.


finally, he'son credits... long been overdue... grats brian


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