Burn Notice Season Premiere Review: 183 Days

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Welcome back, Burn Notice fans!

It’s been 183 days since we left Michael standing in the street, watching Fiona turn herself in on the Burn Notice Season 5 finale, and it’s been 183 days since Michael threw down the gauntlet with Anson and said he was done... not that I’ve been counting or anything.

The summer favorite returned with both guns blazing in "Scorched Earth." And those 183 days waiting? Totally worth it! Now let’s break down this action-packed first outing...

Scorched Earth Scene

Updated Intro: USA allowed viewers to vote on a new versus updated intro and I’m thrilled that the latter won. My wife’s biggest cheering moment was when Fiona was described as “trigger happy girlfriend” (dropping the “ex”).  However, I’m confused by the description of Jesse as “a down and out spy you met along the way.” Really? That’s how you describe the guy you burned? Well, at least he made the credits. 

Fiona In The Pokey: So my biggest question going into season six was wondering how long was Fiona going to be in jail. The appearance of the lying, manipulative Agent Bly quickly proved that it won’t be a short stay. I wonder if she will find “cases” to take while she’s there. It worked on Leverage, so it could work here.

Anson On The Run: How quickly the table turned for Anson Fullerton. He went from being in complete control to barely staying one step ahead of Michael. Yet that one step still has a lot of weight in it. I’m calling it now: Anson has a “Plan B” and it is going to be well thought out. 

Agent Pearce Is Back: I wasn’t sure how Michael almost burning her and the team was going to play out but it seems that Jesse was able to destroy the laptop and prevent anyone from being burned. Did anyone else catch Jesse calling her by her first name? I’m still rooting for a romance between those two. Yeah, I know it’s a long shot. 

Michael Is Crazy For Fiona: Actually... Michael just went totally bat-crap crazy this week overall. While it was really cool when he stole the truck and ended the fight before it began, it was very not cool when he pulled a gun on Sam. Thankfully, Pearce was there to help talk him back down out of the rafters. 

Madeline Can Take Of Herself: Not only can she take care of herself, she saved Jesse’s ass too! I have always loved Maddie. Veteran TV Fanatics will know how often I mention that she reminds me of my own mother and that she had inspired more than one phone call to her. Between Maddie in Burn Notice and Sue Ellen in Dallas, it’s going to be a tough first summer without her.

Man, talk about a jam packed first outing of season six! Did you get all your questions answered? Be sure and check out our Burn Notice quotes section to see if your favorite made the list! 


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dont you think it would be fun for Fiona and Michael to have a baby afte
she gets out of jail. I can just see them draped around the baby seat
in the charger shooting from both windows


Wow, I must say, I teared up a bit when I thought Sam was gone. I really thought it would happen!
Okay, so, I was pretty over-joyed when I saw Bly, I liked him in his 2 other appearances :) You know, even though he lied, he was pretty friendly :P I hope its not the last we see of him.
Anson just looks stupid without a mustache. Seriously. And I hate the fact that he always has a very easy way out. I didn't want to see him in this season, but looks like I will :/
Michael pointing the gun at Sam made me cringe. That was really out-of-line and I know Michael would never do it, but to threaten him stung me. Thank god for Pearce, whose first name I cannot recall.
I remember reading a comment on another BN review, the person speculated that maybe Mike would be unhappy with Sam for letting Fi go. Man, Michael went insane. I knew he loved Fi, but I don't think she'd want him rampaging around in such fury. And I'm so glad she found out he wasn't dead, though it would have been interesting if she didn't.
Maddie could've easily killed Jesse. Phew.
Anyway, looking forward to the next episode! :D


I take Burn Notice over suits any day


This season really stinks, I will no longer watch. bad acting, really dumb story line, I mean can you rig a factory to blow up in 20 minutes?? bad guy gets tar beat out of him but manages to escape...again? Hey Michael, just shoot him why go hand to hand. Evil psyco going after mom? Should have had zombies after mom, lol. I don't know what's next...maybe jumping a shark, lol. Have fun, I'm outa here...


I am so glad that Burn Notice is back, and I hope that they manage to get Fiona out of the clink fairly soon, so she can get back on the team...they need her! I also love, love, love Maddy and her kick-ass attitude! WTG Michael's mom! No one can take her down, even a psychopathic marine guy! I am also glad to see Bruce Campbell back in action, though I realize that Michael isn't happy with him. But Sam will always have his back, and that's the truth.


Maka/Michael By lighting the brake cleaner (brake fluid?) and then running that into the 1/2 empty gas tank he set off the fumes in the gas tank more than the fuel itself. As Maka said, diesel doesn't explode (and barely burns) but the vapor can. I thought they did a good job of hinting at what would really set off the vapor without creating instructions to do it :) Jim


I love the show, please don't make me wait so long next time. I am having trouble trying to figure out who my favorite crew is; Burn Notice or Leverage I guess I will just let the day decide, sometimes I like subtle and then there are days I just want to see something go BOOM!
Maddie is amazing and everyone in high stress situations needs a Sam Axe to help talk them down!


Having seen every episode of The Wire, Deadwood, Luck, Justified, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in the mean time, I can't seem to like this show anymore.


No, it doesn't. Liquid diesel fuel does not explode. Hell, it really doesn't burn all that well either; drop a match in a tub of diesel, and it'll most likely go out. Likewise, liquid gasoline is more likely to extinguish a match than it is to be ignited by it. Fuel oil explosives are mostly ANFO explosives, or Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil. They're mostly ammonium nitrate with very little fuel oil, because the idea is to expose the most surface area of fuel as possible. Aerosolized diesel fuel does explode, which is how fuel air explosives work. Same principle: Aerosolized fuel means the maximum surface area of fuel available to ignite.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: [fires gun] Fights over, walk away now
Sam: You may want to contact your insurance company; I think you're going to need a new truck.

What do I do now Sam? What do I do now?