Casting Mr. Kalinda: Who Should Guest Star on The Good Wife?

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What's ahead on The Good Wife Season 4?

Among other storylines - as teased by creators Michelle King and Robert King and set up on the Season 3 finale - the arrival of Kalinda's mysterious husband.

Robert King has already said this character will be involved in a "long arc," as "Kalinda’s past life" will collide "with her newly firmed up friendship with Alicia."

Kalinda in a Panic

And now we have a bit more intel on the only man we know of who can make this investigator run around in a panic, as depicted above. Producers have released the official casting notice for the role, which is described as:

"A master manipulator, full of dark secrets Kalinda would prefer to keep hidden, he shows up in her life again wanting her back, and trouble invariably follows."

So have at it, TV Fanatics: Who do you think should portray Kalinda's husband? We've listed a few options below:

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Such a gorgeous smile. I wdoner if people know how different she is from her character! Even her laugh and her smiles are different! Kalinda is already a tough one to play but for a sweetheart like Archie to transform so completely into this badass boot-wearing amazon who keeps her feelings safely hidden behind a smik and a leather jacket utterly fascinating!


no...add a little flavor....let it be Blair Underwood as a Islamist.


Adam Rodríguez would be perfect!!


Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert in Lost) would be perfect. Alternately, Naveen Andrews.


Sendhil Ramamurthy


John Abraham! Awesome idea!! I love it!


@sa'ad702 But isn't Naveen Andrews of Indian and British descent (like Archie)?


Um is there anyone else out there who thinks that Jimmy Mistry would make a better fit. Idris, Naveen and James Frain are amazing actors and would do the rolde justice but I am sure that her husband should be Indian/Asian descent. Her previous name was Leela which suggest she is def Paki or Indian. It would then only make sense. She could have been involved with a drug lord or something. I seriously cannot wait for season 4 so we can finally see Kalinda unwrapped. I really do not care about anything else. I love Archie Panjabi. Whoever is chosen must have great chemistry with her. John Abraham would also make a good exHusband. Interesting. Giancarlo Esposito would be a terrible choice. They have to have chemistry.


Idea or Naveen would be great, preferably Naveen - he was great in Lost.


Ohh naveen Andrews is perfect.

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