Criminal Minds Season 8: Jeanne Tripplehorn Cast as New Profiler

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Criminal Minds has announced a major casting move.

Jeanne Tripplehorn will join the CBS drama as a series regular on season 8, coming on board as “a new profiler,” according to producer Erica Messer. “Her character will be introduced in the premiere.”

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Barb

Tripplehorn helped anchor HBO's Big Love for five seasons; earned an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in Grey Gardens; and appeared most recently on multiple New Girl episodes.

Her casting is meant to offset the loss of Paget Brewster, who exited after Criminal Minds Season 7.

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are you serious? jj/ aj is the best character:-) She's awesome and I hope she won't go off... if she does I'm not going to watch anymore. but since jj is still on there I'm going to watch every single one of them. sad that prentiss is leaving though..


It should have been ELIZABETH MITCHELL! I think she's the only strong actress that can fill Paget shoes.


OMG. I have always said "it is the cast". Anyone should know that. Leave Criminal Minds ALONE! Bring our boys and girls back! No matter what it costs you! What the..****....?


I do not like the new addition, Templeton dos not have enough class for this position. I do not like the new Hotch character, it destroys his persona. They are trying to make him look like he is 29 again, and he never was. The Beth person is not right for him, immature and silly. For goodness sake, the man is on the hard side of 50. You would think that after seven years in the BAU and all the other years, that he would have a FEW gray hairs and look more distinguished.
He acts like a immature teenager when with Beth. we all know he was p-whipped when with Halley, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.


I hate this fucking bitch! I hope she dies in the series! She is such a fucking bitch!


I don't think the writers wrote Emily out of the show , Paget wanted to leave to try something new


Okay I am not happy about this. Before Emily joined the team there was a disconnect with Elle and Gideon and the rest of the team. They work really well together and this new subtraction/addition is going to change the dynamic of the team unnecessarily, if it isn't broke why fix it? Personally, I was looking forward to a romantic Morgan/Prentiss relationship. It's so evident they have something more than a partnership! What can I do to plea my case to the writer's? I really don't want to stop watching!


Okay, I'm not Cool with this But Heyy, I just gotta say is They should still Mention Paget like we going out shopping or for coffee or Something, You can not just replace her like that, that soon anyway, Show some Love #TeamPaget


I just hope these mean Roiss leaving the show he such a ripoff of Gideon


I think this casting shows the network has no faith that Erica Messer favorite AJ Cook is anywhere near capable of carrying the femaile profiler part of the show. It also seems like a smackdown to Messer considering her recent tv guide interview where she is strongly opposing a Prentiss relacement. And finally this will stop Joe Mantengna (and Messer) from claiming Paget will be back to guest star in season 8. CBS doesn't want her back and so she won't be back. Messer needs to get over her obsession with her own sentimentality and act like a professional. Stop focuing on the weak characters like AJ and Kirsten/Garcia (and guest stars). The core of the show has always been the men and the Genevieve at their center which seems now that is going to be Jeanne Tripplehorn. I'm happy about the new casting choice but not happy EM is still running the show. Maybe that's the news we'll hear in the near future; that Messer is out since CBS didn't consult her at all on the new cast member. I've heard this has been a done deal since April seemingly before EM ran her mouth to tv guide. I will give her credit for preventing John Mayer's song from being played at the end of "Run". Glad she fought for the Lily Kershaw song.

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