Criminal Minds Season 8: Jeanne Tripplehorn Cast as New Profiler

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Criminal Minds has announced a major casting move.

Jeanne Tripplehorn will join the CBS drama as a series regular on season 8, coming on board as “a new profiler,” according to producer Erica Messer. “Her character will be introduced in the premiere.”

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Barb

Tripplehorn helped anchor HBO's Big Love for five seasons; earned an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in Grey Gardens; and appeared most recently on multiple New Girl episodes.

Her casting is meant to offset the loss of Paget Brewster, who exited after Criminal Minds Season 7.

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Man I just hope she does not get overshawdow like Emily JJ Hotch and Morgan were these past season by Reid and Roiss


I'm glad that they've chosen her, cause I really like her as an actress, and haven't seen her in a while. But they could try to work with the regulars for a while. At least few episodes. And few weeks ago Erica Messer said that if they'll have their way there won't any casting to replace Paget.


I agree with those who say that they should have worked with the current cast they have and build on them and that. We all knew they were going to bring someone in...that much was inevitable but I definitely would've preferred they waited a little bit before doing so. Erica Messer did say they would wait some time before simply throwing a new character at us but obviously that's not happening now. no doubt CBS over ruled her. All we can do now is see how Jeanne works out. I just pray that her character is better developed than Seaver was because she was horrible. Granted the circumstances of Rachel Nichols coming aboard weren't the best but even still her character was crap...hopefully Jeanne will fit much better.


I dunno, i too think they should've tried to work with the regulars they already have, give them more screen time, storylines etc b4 they introduced a new regular...I just hope they give Reid and jj more storylines and screen time, and that the newbie doesn't take it all


No offense to Tripplehorn who's a great actress but we hardly get enough screen time for our favorites the way it is! I don't think they needed to replace Paget. If we see any less Reid and Rossi this season they might as well disappear.


Yes!!!!! I love her and love the idea of a woman in my age range on the team!


I love it just what the show needed


Love it!!! She will be amazing!


Sounds like a good choice. However no one can replace Paget .....

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