Drop Dead Diva Review: Love and Basketball

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On this week's Drop Dead Diva, new guardian angel Luke hires a jury consultant to help out Jane and Kim. In "Winning Ugly" Jane and Kim take on a powerful case about a contestant of a makeover show who committed suicide after being told she was "too ugly to help."

Unwilling to accept a pitiful settlement, Kim and Jane take their chances and head to trial against the twice-voted top litigator in California.

Parker Needs Help

It seems like the jury consultant was there to tell Jane to tone down her dramatic courtroom bravado, but isn't that part of what we love about Jane? She isn't some boring drone. She is smart, sassy and knows how to put on a good show. The truth is, Jane isn't even trying to put on a show; it's just naturally the combination of Deb and Jane. So why would Jane's guardian angel hire someone like this? 

Was it perhaps to show her how she has grown past just being Deb and is finally finding her footing as a Deb/Jane hybrid? She doesn't need to be told to tone down anything. The reason she has grown so much is because she has learned to coexist as these two souls in one body. As Luke said, it's the kind of case that Deb would have found silly, but Jane maintained that she was Deb and she didn't think the case was silly at all. Maybe it was to demonstrate a progression?

One thing is for sure: Luke is a very different kind of guardian angel than Fred. 

The other main case was pretty absurd: Two women fighting over a rat they believe to be reincarnated version of a man who was romancing them both? Lame! Even Parker knew this case was below him, which is why I was surprised it took him so long to put an end to the chaos. At least this case included a guest spot by my favorite character from my girl Nora from The Secret Life of the American Teenager!

Parker is always up on the lawyers about taking cases that will make them money. He was annoyed that Jane didn't want to settle with the "ugly duckling" lawsuit. Yet... he took on a ridiculous case about a reincarnated rat? Go figure. I think it just took Jay a moment or two to figure out what he believed in, both in and out of the office.

The return of Elisa (guest star Brandy Norwood) with her and Parker's son Eric, showed us the softer side of Parker. With Elisa and Parker playing nice, I have to wonder what this will mean for him and Kim? Last week's episode ended with Parker and Kim ready to explore the possibility of reuniting. Speaking of other tricky love situations Owen and Grayson competed on the basketball court, but in the end we knew that it was really about more than the sport. 

You won the game, but I think we both know who's winning here. | permalink

With next week's previews showing a potential engagement, things with this love triangle are going to get intense! What do you all think? I need a piece of pake!


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I definitely found it interesting that the woman who was "too ugly to help" was in fact not ugly at all and I'm sure with make and a hairstyle, looks perfectly fine.


I think the rat and Jane are one and the same in a manner of speaking. Both are two "people" in the same body. Jane could totally sympathize with the rat situation. I really liked what Luke said in the end about how Jane was never in any of her family pictures just like the Ugly Girl. I think Jane/Deb is going to have to go deeper into Jane's phyche and find out how Jane feels about being overweight and her not feeling very pretty. I think this is going to be a very interesting season.


I liked that Jane made Greyson realise that he can't know what it feels like to be ugly, or having people tell you you're ugly your whole life. I hope he'll realise that he always had all the girls he wanted, which made him go for the prettier ones. It seems like he's evolving this season and I, for one, am still rooting for Jane and him.


As much as Jane fought for her win, somehow the husband's fight got lost. Even after the small affair I had hoped the show would have shown some sort of guilt or reaction in the husband. Wasn't he the one pushing for the case? I don't know why Jane did not follow her instincts and report the elevator incident to the judge. How did opposing get a hold of the tape with Jane and Kim? Was he having them followed? It was another interesting episode. Fred always seemed to need Jane more than Jane needed him. It is good to see Luke driving Jane for the better.


In fact, I thought the spurned wife of the reincarnated rat was a lot uglier than that poor gal in the video. But I suppose going without makeup and being overweight all equate to being hideous, somehow. How sad.


I am just glad that awful Kim Kardashian is off the show (at least for now... I hope they don't bring her back...she can't act to save her life).
I wonder, too, why the photo header to this page doesn't have JANE in it, since she's the main character on DDD? Why just stupid Stacy and the top half of Kim Kardashian's head? Come on, TV Fanatic, you can do better than that. Anyway, I am glad to see that Grayson is realizing he wants Jane, and is willing to compete with her cute Judge boyfriend for her.Though Grayson has seemed somewhat one-dimensional and clueless in the past, I think it would do the Deb part of Jane good to go out with him and realize that she's grown beyond him to have a better relationship with a better, more mature guy like the judge. And yay for Stacy's "Pake" business opening up and letting Terry sing that hilarious pake song! BTW, I didn't think the gal who was "too ugly" for the makeover show was actually ugly at all. In fact, I thought the spurned wife of the reincarnated rat was a lot uglier than that poor gal in the video. But I suppose going without makeup and being overweight all equate to being hideous, somehow. How sad.

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