Eric Dane Not Shocked By Chyler Leigh's Grey's Anatomy Exit

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Will Eric Dane's Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy returns in September? Dane recently commented that he isn't sure if Mark will survive the premiere.

While it's hard to see Grey's Anatomy Season 9 beginning with another tragic casualty, Dane shared his thoughts this week about his co-star Chyler Leigh surprisingly being killed off the show in May.

"I wasn't [shocked] because I knew that Chyler wanted to spend some more time with her family," Dane said. "It's a tough schedule to keep up and she's been working on the show for five seasons."

"So I wasn't shocked. Sad and a little surprised but not shocked. We're going to miss her."

Doc Sloan

Leigh, the mother of three young children, clearly wanted to spend more time with them. Fans were kept in the dark regarding her departure, but it appears her co-stars were at least somewhat tuned in.

Eric's sentiment echoes that of Chyler Leigh herself, who said in a statement not long after the finale that "Earlier this year, I made the decision that season eight would be my last on Grey's Anatomy."

"I met with [Shonda Rhimes] and we worked together to give Lexie's story appropriate closure. I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for five seasons."

"My experience on Grey's Anatomy is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I want to take this time to say thank you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years so special."

If Mark dies, it's unclear how many fans the show would have left.

Think he'll make it? Will everyone else? Share your comments!

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Eric…I'm begging…begging, begging…PLEASE come back to Grey's Anatomy…PLEASE. As a twin, as someone from Heaven guiding your ANYONE (it doesn't matter). Just please return. Things are not the same without you.


Eric, my dear. You'll always be "McSteamy" to me. I think you should stay and go all Lexi Craze. Obsession. Operate on patients and make email look like Lexi until someone notices. This brings more affairs with steamy moments. Maybe "homebound" Lexi may appear in your head in spurts for at least a couple more seasons. Or Stay until Sofia starts looking like Lexi. Dark-haired, twinkle-eyed, excellent memory, fast-talking young lady. But stay for the thrill and blend in the new folks to the new thrill that you'll bring.


I doubt she'll find work, then how will she support her family? Her husband doesn't work, hasn't in years. Actors have to be the most unreasonable people out there. They go years without being able to get a job, then get one and makes silly demands. I won't be watching anymore, barely did anyway because of the ridiculousness. Plane crash? That Rhimes chicks control should have been revoked! Chyler doesn't own the Lexie character, if she wants to sit at home all day, awesome for her. All they had to do was recast. It wouldn't have been perfect, but it would have been better


I mean hangup mark So suprise to saw the tragic crash and laxi died...make's me sad and also mad...can't wait to see Season 9


Just hungout mark to keep shopie had father


I think if he wants to go then he can go! Now would be as good as any! However, I think that he shouldn't die. He could be so upset about Lexie that he just coudnt stay. That way, it's open for him to come back for an episode in the future! If Mark is killed off now I don't know how the characters will handle that.


Mark you need take a dna test on baby sofia she looks nothing like you


The death scene of Lexi - Mark being there made is so painful and real to watch. It was beautifully written. "We were meant to be"........


I am a big fan of the show. The writing is very good. Even as I watch the reruns, the story lines pull you into the scenarios even though you know the outcome. This is a tribute to the writing and the acting. I personally would like to see Christina be the person she wants to become. Watching the reruns it is very clear she has always stated who she is and what she wants. I feel she represents the strong women out there and should be loved for her not try to be changed into what some men want. There are some men out there who can appreciate a women's accomplishments. They are hard to find, but they are out there. Lets see that.


Let Mark die.I cannot accept him be with anybody else but Lexie,even Addison won't work.Let them be together forever,because they are meant to be.

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