Fairly Legal Season Finale Review: Courage Is An Angel

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A year ago it broke my heart when Justin walked away from Kate at the end of the season. My, how things have changed.

The Fairly Legal "Finale" resolved an issue that Kate's been battling all season. She finally found her own apartment and in another surprise twist, I believe Lauren will actually miss her.

Kate Must Choose

Speaking of Lauren, was she really planning on informing on Robin Archer to the FBI.  Double crossing a billionaire seems rather risky but getting involved with Archer may be more so. 

I was happier when Lauren followed her instincts about him. Dating him could be fun for a while but it could also be disastrous for both her heart and her career. Kate was right. He's not a good man.

I'd actually prefer to see Lauren end up with Justin but that's a long way off, if it ever happens at all.

Right now Justin's still hung up on Kate. These two will always have a bond but the passion that was there in season one has dwindled. Justin and Kate love one another but are they compatible over the long haul?  As Kate said, they've been down that road and we know where it ended up.

I was proud of Kate when she finally had the courage to recognize that heavy feeling in her chest that she's been fighting for weeks. Justin was mistaken. That wasn't fear. Fear, I believe is what drove her back to him. That feeling was her heart telling her something was very wrong when her head kept trying to convince her it was right and it was making her miserable.

As for Ben, I loved the scene where he noticed the heart shaped rock on Kate's desk that he had found in last week's episode. It definitely gave him hope but to Ben's credit I'm not sure he ever completely lost it.

When he told Leo that this is a marathon, not a sprint, he meant that he's willing to fight for Kate. He wants to be the guy she ends up with over the long term. 

Thirteen episodes ago, Ben annoyed the heck out of me. He came across as a selfish, arrogant jerk. But by season's end not only did I find myself rooting for him and Kate, I was simply looking forward to the scenes he was in. Ben's the guy who make me laugh, as in this Fairly Legal quote where he asks…

 Couldn't they have just shot her car tire out on a twisty deserted road? | permalink

And a quick side note on that reporter…Are we suppose to believe she spent a year working on a career making story and never backed up her files? If that's the case then that's what she should have gotten fired over.

But back to the heart of our story. As much as I think Ben is the right guy for Kate and I laughed when he ended up being her new neighbor, I hope they don't get together right away. 

Kate Reed needs some time to get to know herself.  Plus I think it will be fun to see Ben and Kate flirt and banter and work on a solid friendship before diving in for more.

Of course that's if we get a season three.  If you love Fairly Legal and want to see Kate Reed's story continue, let USA know it because I'm definitely hoping for more.

And I want to know if you were rooting for Ben or Justin?  Am I the only one who wants to see Kate take it slow and am I crazy picturing a Justin / Lauren hook up in the future?


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FAIRLY LEGAL is engaging, hilarious, smart and infectious. Pulleeaassee bring this show back for season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7........ I am a HUGE fan !!


Please renew Fairly Legal for Season 3. It is a fantastic show.


I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Please bring it back for Season 3 and possibly Season 4. Don't care for the idea of Lauren & Justin together. Would love to see Kate and Justin get back together!


Yes, for season 3! I'm definitely rooting for Ben and Kate. Love every scene these two in. Never thought about Laureen and Justin. But, now that you mentioned it, I think it would be an awesome arch. But of course that would only be possible after few more seasons.


I hope it's not too late to vote for bringing this show back for a 3rd season. I like it for its good characters, good plots with satisfying resolutions of the cases, and leaving no residue. So many shows leave residue. And I'm hoping Kate and Ben get closer, as she continues to bring out his good side … even if it's against his will, haha!


I love this show! I think Sarah Shahi is an excellent actress.
I'm not a huge Ben/Kate fan and hope that she either ends up with Justin (who has obviously loved her all along) or someone new. Ben seems a little too immature to handle her. Regardless, I want a 3rd and 4th (if that isn't too much to ask) season of this fantastic show!


This show is awesome! Please bring it back =)


TOTALLY agree with this! I want Ben and Kate together so, so badly, he's so cute


Please...Please...Please bring it back!!! I so very much enjoy this show! ...what a breath of fresh air!


Fairly Legal needs to get brought back for its 3rd season! This is one of the good series on tv! I hope they don't cancel it for that would not be very nice to the dedicated fans or the actors! Regardless I hope they tell us soon if its going to be brought back!

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Couldn't they have just shot her car tire out on a twisty deserted road?


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