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It's not very often that a show can make me gasp out loud and scream "WHAT" at the television screen... so tonight's episode was something I certainly did not see coming. In a true testament to Lena Dunham's writing, the Girls Season 1 finale, "She Did," proved that Dunhan can keep an audience guessing.

Obviously this is the part where I tell whoever has not seen the episode to STOP READING because things are going to get spoilery...

Hannah and Adam

Jessa got Chris O'Dowd's character Thomas. Yes, the same guy who called her a spoiled brat just a few weeks ago.

If you need a quick refresher, Thomas is the rich dude who picked up Marnie in a bar and brought her home with Jessa under the assumption that there would be a threesome. After some exploratory liplocking between Marnie and Jessa, there was some wine spilled on an expensive rug and Thomas went batsh*t. Obviously, I wasn't exactly expecting his return.

As far as Jessa, if this first season has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected when it comes to the free-spirited British beauty. When Shoshanna told Marnie that Jessa had been AWOL, it wasn't a far guess to think perhaps she had shacked up with a new guy and was in some blissed out honeymoon phase. In fact, a quickie wedding wouldn't have even been that surprising.

When everyone was called to attention it seemed like a wedding was plausible, but suddenly Thomas popped up on the screen, Marnie's face dropped and, boom, there was the twist. Let me just ask, though: if a guy flipped out about wine being spilled on his $10K rug, how is he going to live with such a free spirit like Jessa? He seemed pretty uptight to me. I also am not really sure what is going through Jessa's head.

I think she freaked out after that talk with Katherine on the previous Girls episode and there is way more going on emotionally than we are aware of. Maybe she did fall in love in a week? Would it surprise me? Not really. Would it surprise me if season two opened with Jessa already divorced? Not really. Like I said, expect the unexpected.

I might get a lot of disagreement, but I think Jessa has at least rubbed off on Marnie in a good way. That girl needed to just chill out. You would think living with Shoshanna would help loosen her up, too, but not quite. Buy hey! It brought her and Ray together and I think these two could work. Shoshanna probably got the most screen time she's gotten all season and I'm finally interested in where her storyline is going.

Hannah's storyline left the most up in the air. To be honest, if I woke up on the subway, missing my purse, having no clue where I was, I don't think I would go sit on the beach and eat wedding cake. Then again, what was that fight with Adam? Her feelings are clearly all over the place! It was easy to see both sides of this verbal throwdown. I really don't think she was any less into him, especially if these last two episodes showed us anything.

I'm not gonna say that Adam didn't have a valid point when he said, "Is this the game? You chase me like I’m in the f*cking Beatles for six months, and then when I finally get comfortable with things you wanna shrug?" For more line, go to our Girls quotes section.

Whether or not Adam is right, that situation really rang true. What did you all think? Did you love this episode as much as I did? Are you excited for season two? Hit the comments!


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I should add, re. Shoshana and Ray: I didn't like Shoshana being almost entirely oblivious to Ray's smitten state, but the one thing in the episode that made me laugh out loud was one Leigh didn't even include in the quotes. Ray says to Shoshana that being her first sexual experience means that he gets to teach her and that's a lot of power and he's not sure he deserves it. Then he says, "Yeah, I do," and rolls on top of her.


I was absolutely shocked and mortified about Jessa's marriage. I had no idea she hated herself so much. Clearly, Katherine had an impact. I don't think she wanted revenge, but she certainly got it. I kept waiting for somebody to stand up and show "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!" Nobody had the courage (and, admittedly, it would have taken a lot). Adam is a Bad Robot; he resembles no living person. The guy who demands authenticity in all things is not the guy who's moved by this B.S. marriage. If a reading is B.S., then this marriage -- and perhaps any marriage -- is. The ending worked for me. She's not lost because she fell asleep on the subway or got purse-snatched. She's lost because she threw monkey wrenches into her relationships with Marnie and Adam and, perhaps, because Jessa has seemingly moved on from the single life. (I can't imagine that will last. Blech!) For Hannah to stroll down to the beach and eat her cake on the sand at dawn seems like a perfectly sane way to collect herself.


I have enjoyed this show. I second the nomination for a Noel Fielding addition to the cast, although he is not of generation y. He spans the generation gap.


Of course something big happened with Thomas--you think Judd Apatow gets Chris O'Dowd and doesn't ask about recurring? With my girlfriend out of town, I almost didn't see the episode "Weirdoes Need Girlfriends Too". Her explicit justification for making Girls a shared experience is her forbearance of repeated involuntary exposure to The IT Crowd early in our relationship...I've come way too close to the end of the season to let slip any reason for watching this programme other than gracious reciprocation. Luckily for me, she's Tivo-tarded...pressed into service to locate the episode online, I joined her in astonishment at the sight of Roy Trenneman. Is the batshit return of Thomas in the season finale just a misjudged fastball from a lights-out rookie--or a pragmatic move to provide guys with cover for undisguised interest in the programme? Wonder if they can get Noel Fielding next season.


Hey all! I really love the idea of this TV show. It seems to be the first of its kind that I have seen that really focuses on girls of generation y, and the unique set of 1st world problems that we must face. While this episode definitely did entertain me with all of its shocking twists, I found myself a little disappointed at the end of the episode, namely with the storylines of Hannah and Jessa's characters. Jessa's sudden love for that business guy is something I don't really understand, they seem like complete opposites and the relationship seems destined to fail. Hannah is a mystery to me. I don't think Adam overreacted at all in this episode (yes, maybe his choice of words were a bit melodramatic, but that's the way he speaks. Give the kid a break lol). Hannah seems like a very ambitious girl with no motivation what so ever. She's putting writing ahead of everything else that should be important in her life: her friends, boyfriend, financial security; and for what? I thought after she went to that book launch (for the girl she didn't like), that that would motivate her to start writing more stuff. I really hope that she becomes more focused in the next season, because it feels like she is really really confused and has very poor self-esteem. I understand the show is trying to be realistic, but I love Hannah's character and I want to see her succeed, instead of failing miserably, episode after episode. As for Shoshanna, you go girl! I think Ray would be perfect for her, and I love that he "gets" her and finds her "weird" in an endearing, mysterious way. And Marnie, well I think by kissing that guy at the end, she is finally being free! Yes she was heavily drunk, and she'll probably regret whatever she ended up doing, the following morning. But good on her! I kind of hope she doesn't end up with her ex next season, because I think that would be such a backward step in terms of her becoming who she's meant to be. Can't wait for Season 2!


I think this episode was great, I loved the music! Marnnie and Jessa new love crunking it out to clearly out of place rap music. I think that situation has a little to do with Jessa thinking she has to be something in her life, with that unrealistic conversation with Katherine. I think she will figure things out later because her new husband is a better influence on her!! As far as Hannah she'll figure it out, I love Adam and I think that he was fliping out was strange. Moving in is a big thing! But I'm super excited for season two ill be here waiting to talk about it all!

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Girls is pretty much a 1 and done on my tv unless when the opening credits say nudity ...,it is Marnie and not Hannah.

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