Gossip Girl Season 5 DVD Release Date Announced

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There has yet to be an official press statement from the CW or Warner Bros., but Gossip Girl Season 5 is available for pre-order. You can own all 24 episodes of the fifth season on August 21.

The listing the price for the set is $59.98.

Follow the link to pre-order on Amazon.

Gossip Girl Season 5 DVD

The sixth and final season of the show will begin this fall, with 11 episodes to go before Upper East Siders bid us farewell. Check back with us for all the latest news, rumors and Gossip Girl spoilers!

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I don't think I will buy anymore seasons (I already have 1-4) because I am hoping they will release some kind of box set for the seasons, but if they don't then I will just buy the last two later down the road.


I liked season five it was scandalous and insane ur guys r just hating


Well. It was indeed a bad season no doubt about it. I think they slowly dragged all the good characters trough the mud. (Blair, Chuck and Dan!) Nate i kinda liked in this season. However i have to own it, or else i will have from 1-4 and 6 when that time comes, and that is just silly. so no matter the price, which btw is over the top, i have to have it the second it's released. It's highly likely that i won't watch it. But it looks good on my shelf....wow i have to much money, haha. Hoping that season 6 will kick season 5's ass!


@Netta your a true Gossip Girl fan yet you cant spell "Blair"


i dont see what all the fuss is about. its only a freakin cover. like seriously some of ou need to get a grip on your life if your going to cry over what kind of cover they use wen they release it. i for one am going to buy it because i am a true gossip girl fan. and i actually like season 5 it was like wow. but i hate the fact that blaire is with dan that was stupid.


I agree with Eimore10. I'm definitely owninng all the seasons, no matter how horrible they are/get. But Seasons 1/2 were DEFINITELY the best!

Elise of the upper east side

Season 5 was abysmal so I will not be buying the DVDs (I agree with others about the cover. Why can't they do one more like S1/2??) Season 1 and 2 are the only DVDs I'll buy when the show is over. Season 4 was kind of okay, Season 3 was bad, and season 5 was just awful. (S1/2 were great though IMO) anyway, no thanks! I'd love to see how many people actually buy this because seeing it once was more than enough :P


I agree that these cover is less likable than the one for season 4, and that also was kinda meh.


Im passing on buying the DVDs cause im hoping they will make a complete series collection when the show ends, with lots of extras. U think they will do that? I HOPE SO.


@Eimore yeah as a fan who collects these seasons I'm stuck buying this crappy season.... But I'm not gonna buy it anytime soon and it will be very cheap!!! Maybe EBay... As for the cover art, WTF why are they so shitty now with the individual character squares! I loved the season 1-3 covers but 4 and 5 suck! And why is Dan's square the smallest?!?! IVY has a bigger square than he does and she wasn't even in every episode! AND she's not an original season regular like Dan is! This is BULL!! Way to make season 5 even worse!

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