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Only 11 episodes of Gossip Girl remain, and the first of them has a name. The sixth and final season premiere, scheduled to premiere this fall, will be titled "Gone Maybe Gone," according to Josh Schwartz's Twitter.

More importantly, the episode will be co-written by executive producers Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, renewing hopes that the show's original shot-callers will play a crucial role in shaping the final chapter.

They've promised a return to core dynamics and characters, so here's hoping.

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Producer Sara Goodman was promoted to show-runner after Gossip Girl Season 5, replacing Joshua Safran, who left to run Smash, and stirred up major controversy throughout the past year.

Also, Gossip Girl is currently casting for three new recurring roles. Two of those are female (Sage and Amira) and one is male (Jean-Pierre). More details to follow as they become available.

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Looking once again 6x01 episode title, I remembered that this episode refers to the fact that Serena might be gone forever. Having already announced that Serena is missing, the question is how many episodes will appear in season 6? @ Elisa I hope you're right that the wedding that you mentioned it is between Chuck and Blair. But if wedding that is going to be at the beginning of the season then it comes to something else. Perhaps it is wedding of Serena and Zik, or any other guy she met where she went. For the title of episode 6x01 is associated with it - Serena left the UES, and no more to Serena that she was before (as told this Nate and Dan). @ Sam I think you are not right as far as Nate are able to blackmail the GG. This video that you mention does not reveal the identity of GG, so it's useless!


The first episode of the season 6, as announced, will be focused on the fate of Serena. And that's good, because it should immediately start to save Serena who went to the dark side. Reading the comments I see that a lot of comments focused on the fact that Nate might to save Serena, and I think that's nonsense. For that Nate wanted to be with Serena would be with her in season 5, where Serena was alone all the time without a boyfriend. In the announcement of season 6 in the month of May is said that friends of Serena start looking for her, but she is disappeared and even the GG can not found her. The question is who are the friends of Serena? I think it's Chuck and Georgina perhaps, and maybe if they return Jenny and Eric. It would be best to save Serena one that was to blame for where it is her now - Dan and Blair, but it will be very difficult for Blair! As you all know that I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, I think Dan should raise his ass and save his love - Serena!


Oh, I almost forgot..Nate will be very important in this search because he can blackmail Gossip Girl to help them find Serena: he has the video.


This episode probably is about Serena. They're trying find her but without success yet. Blair is feeling guilty about everything she did with her best friend, trying desperately fix things with Chuck and Nate's help. And Dan may is still in Roma with Georgina...


I think the first episode is about serena; i really hope that she is ok and that her friends (chuck and nate) find her.


I dont want it to be the last season! Even though the 5th season was shit the last few episodes reminded me why i love the show in the first place!
Srsly dnt want it to be the final season :(


All of which brings us to my questions for you: What’s the show? And who’s the duo? Share your guesses below, and, as always, keep an eye on my Twitter feed for clues. If I do manage to score that damn fine cup of coffee, the jolt of caffeine might inspire me to reveal more than I should! Could it be a Chair wedding? Fingers crossed!


I'm pretty sure that this episode will focus on Serena. I like this fact, because lately it was always about Blair's love interests. Don't get me wrong, I adore Blair, she's my favourite character ever, but enough is enough.
We left Serena at rock bottom, and this season I wanna see a pheonix rising from the ashes. On the very last episode, I imagine her being a happy and important businesswoman. She really deserves it! I also read this spoiler by Micheal Ausiello:
Blind Item: Which Primetime Soap Sweethearts Are Planning a Fall Wedding?
It concerns a primetime soap that, although popular, came thisclose to getting the axe at season’s end — and just when a pair of its well-liked lovebirds were heading for a reunion, too. Now I hear that, when the show returns this fall, it’ll pick up right where it left off and pleasantly surprise fans by immediately marrying off the star-crossed couple in question.
All of which brings us to my questions for you: What’s the show? And who’s the duo? Share your guesses below, and, as always, keep an eye on my Twitter feed for clues. If I do manage to score that damn fine cup of coffee, the jolt of caffeine might inspire me to reveal more than I should! Could it be a Chair wedding? Fingers crossed!


this is how its going to end. guarantee:
Chuck and Blair - will get married, come on the ring has been coming up since season 3, there going to be end game, end of.
Nate and Serena - Charlie just left nate, nate will go looking for Serena in the first ep, and they'll get together
Dan and know one - sorry fair fans or dan fans, but he will end up alone, he's lonely boy.


My perfect ending: Blair and Chuck are done for good, they end up fine, like 2 good friends. Blair in the last episode is in Italy she enters at a museum and she sees that its gonna be a reading sesion and the reveal of the author of an anonymous book (one of her favorites), so she likes the idea and goes in. Shes waiting, just walking around and then everything starts, the author for her surprise is Dan, so they both look at each other and smile. As for Serena, well she and Nate are the hottest couple in NY. Chuck is starting a new company with out his family. He´s real mom is Lily. see how easy is this hahaha.

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