Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Report Card: B-

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With the summer season about to heat up, TV Fanatic is taking some time to look back on the fall, winter and spring.

We've already handed out a B+ to Hart of Dixie, an A- to Person of Interest and a B to Body of Proof. Now, staff writers Jim Garner is here to grade Hawaii Five-0 in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card...


Named Guest Star Screen Time (B-): Starting early in the season we had actors such as Robert Englund and Patty Duke, who were advertised as being on the show and barely got any screen time. This trend continued for the majority of the first half of the season.

However, starting with James Caan in February, this turned this around. In subsequent episodes both Caan and Ed Asner were prominently used, capped by the visit of LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, from NCIS: Los Angeles. I’m hopeful that Peter Lenkov and his team have worked out the bugs on how to use big name actors they invite on the show.

Hawaii Hotties

Recurring Character Casting (C+): It’s no secret that many fans did not like Lori Weston - there were even petitions to CBS to try and get her removed. While I personally liked Lauren German’s character, there were many others that were cast as if this show was set in New York and not on the Hawaiian Islands. 

I really hope that the casting department takes a hard look at how it is casting key recurring roles and find appropriate actors. The only reason this category didn’t get a failing grade was Terry O’Quinn as Joe White. He possessed the perfect balance of fatherly wisdom and frustrating co-worker antics with Steve. Besides, as I said early on, I think I have a budding man crush on him!

Team Dynamic (A-): The one thing we learned from Lori Weston’s temporary assignment to Five-0 was that we love Steve and Danny’s “carguments” a lot and you can’t mess with that dynamic. However, we also got a few new things that worked well, such as getting to see Danny in the driver’s seat for a couple of episodes while Alex O’Loughlin was out. It’s going to be hard for Lenkov to add a fifth musketeer to the team given how attached people are to the four current members as they are.

Weekly Cases (B):  We had the gamut of stories this season, from haunted relics to small pox attacks. However, for me the clear winner for the season was “Lekio” where James Caan showed that carguments could be done as a three-way and we got to see Cann bring some old-school to the new Five-0.

Spotlight Stories (F): None of the spotlight stories for our regulars hit the mark this year. Rachel went MIA so Danny’s home life was as boring as root-canal. Kono was “kicked off” the police force and was trying for some weird “emo” and “grumpy” look that just didn’t work on Grace Park. But both of those were a walk in the park compared to the horribly over-hyped and under-revealed “Shelburne” storyline Steve had going.

While Kono got back into Five-0 and resolved her case and Danny’s home got mentioned less and less, I got to the point well before the reveal that I was totally done with Shelburne and was no longer invested in caring who or what it was. I really wanted Kono’s story with Adam and Chin’s story with Frank Delano to bring up this rating, but there was just too much damage done early on.

However, given that those two stories are factors going into Season 3, I’m hopeful that Lenkov and his team will use them as the anchor to some better spotlight stories for the team next year.

Overall Grade: B-

What grade you YOU give Hawaii Five-0 Season 2?

Jim G. is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.


@Zia - According to my poll about the carguments:
572 (97% ) like it
15 (2%) doesn't like it. (I know 97+2 is not 100 but blogspot does that all the time.)


It's hard to be objective when you love something. While I don't disagree with your overall evaluation of H50, I do take exception with the "F". An "F" implies no effort ~ they did try, but may have fallen short of their objective. Life isn't perfect, yet we want our TV shows to be. This is one ride I'll take, good or bad, as I want this show to be around for a long, long time.


cont. - I love how the comments get cut off at mid sentence. I love Michelle Borth, and I hope her character is more like Max at first, so they bring her in slowly. I'm looking forward to season 3. Will like to see the continution of the 4 cliff hangers. I thought that was all very well done.


I liked the 1st season better also. I do think that this picked up after the holidays. I gave a B. If it was solely on the first half with the exception of the opener and Kilua (the one in Korea, not sure if I spelled it right) I would have given it a C. I don't think it had anything to do with the Steve/Danny relationship, I love the banter, I think it's funny. I think Danny and Steve have a more brother relationship, and thats why Danny acts like a mother hen. He truly cares, and he always backs Steve up. Since Steve is the one who is more of a risk taker, then thats why Danny is backing up Steve more then vice versa. We did see Steve almost loose his cool when Grace was kidnapped and he did not know where Danny was, so we know he cares just as much. I'm glad that Chin and Kono are getting more screen time and hope that continues. I will reserve my opinion on Catherine joining the team, I have faith they won't make the same disaster that they did with Lori. I like Michelle Borth, and I look forward to season 3.


Stories were all over the place this season, the whole thing felt rather disjointed.


Overall a B and that's probably being generous. The problem that plagued the season was bad writing and no direction. Alex's absense was keenly felt as he seems to be the glue that holds the show together. There wasn't really any team dynamic in season two and nothing to do with Lori as it still lacked when she left. The team were all over the place and only the occasional genuine moment between them. In the helicopter in 2.10 and when they welcomed Steve back in ep 2.22, though I felt that was more a welcoming of Alex back. The characters need more substance. Danny needs to do something beside act as mother hen to Steve. Why is he on an Elite Task force. Kono and Chin need a lot more development. Steve and WoFat need more screentime together as they are one of the best dynamics on the show.


Thanks CMariaD I have corrected the minor typos. Apparently the "should not operate heavy machinery" warning on my cold medicine should include writing reviews (hehe).


I gave the show an "A" because it is my favorite show on TV. I even DVR it for my son, who is in the Navy, to watch when he comes home on Leave!! :)
I love the core 4 characters, they are awesome. They just click so well together. I really, really hope the Kono will survive. I do have to admit thought, Chin is my favorite, have a major crush on him!!


This was a pretty good review of the season, which I gave an A because I love the show. I enjoyed reading it. However... there were some fairly glaring errors in it--especially if you write about the show regularly--that I caught, which I'm not sure are typos. 1. It's James CAAN, with 2 As; not James Cann, with 2 Ns as you said whenever you mentioned him in your review. 2. Kono is played by Grace PARK (singular), not Grace Parks (plural) as you said in your review. 3. You said "run the gambit" at 1 point in the review; it should have been "run the GAMUT". Just saying.


I give the season a B overall as I still liked it even though season 1 was much better (I would give S1 an A for sure!). I will stick with the show as I love the Fab 4 and have been following Aol's career for some time (would watch him in anything!) and like to support Aussies doing well abroad (yes I am Australian!). However, the season was uneven for me and I did not like Lori at all. I thought things got much better when she left. Like some of the other comments, I like the Catherine character but would prefer her to be 'part' of the team while still doing her Navy job. I hope the writers have learnt from the negative feedback about Lori taking over the show and ruining the Fab 4 dynamic. Give us lots of action, good storylines, and lots more of the Fab 4 dynamic and you're on to a winner, I reckon (and lots more showcasing of Hawaiian actors and the gorgeous scenery, not just on Oahu).

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