How Does Ed Westwick Want Gossip Girl to End?

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Will they or won't they?

The question of whether Chuck and Blair are "endgame" is likely to persist in the lead-up to, and throughout, Gossip Girl Season 6. Will legions of Chair fans receive the payoff they've waited years for?

We'll have to wait and see, obviously, but how would the actors themselves like to see the series conclude? In a new interview with the Grungy Gentleman, Ed Westwick was asked that very question.

Here's his response:

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"Ah man that’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? We have had so many cliffhangers at the end of seasons with like, ‘Will Chuck and Blair get together, won’t they?’ and obviously they haven’t."

"I mean I’m sure they’re going to give it the fairy tale ending the series deserves. Hopefully, Blair and Chuck will end up together. I would like it to end that way. But as to how, I am not sure how I want to see it happen."

How do you want Gossip Girl to conclude later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and follow the link above for a full interview with Ed in which he discusses all faces of his life.

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I wish Dan and Blair would have ended up together . It would have been a great change up from the same ol dull story of Chuck and Blair. Which really does just show people who can't move on due to staying on an island and not utilizing their options. Dan and Blair were a refreshing breath of air. Especially because Dan had secretly been in love with Blair from the beginning. There is only 5 episodes left and it's pretty clear where things are going to end up. Which is just so unfortunate


I careless about Chair but do hope Serena finds her way back just wish Eric isn't revealed as Gossip girl in the Endgame so that the can be another season


I love that Gossip Girl disappeared and the only story-arc has been chair. S6 will only be about chair considering the rest of the cast has left!! Poor Dan, i love you and i love the loft. I love Nate and I loved jenny and eric and Vanessa and Ivy and Carol and Vanja and Dorota, and Cyrus and Carter. My happy ending for Dan - the end of Easy A.


The bitterness between the Chair and Dair fans is ridiculous. I personally am a fan of both. I have always wanted to see Chair as endgame and I hope I won't be disappointed. I did enjoy the Dair relationship for a while though. I had hoped they'd get together for a while. I'm fairly satisfied with the play out (although I do wish they had made Dair a bit more exciting) but I am hoping to see a reconciliation of Chair. I just hope we don't have to wait until the last episode to see them together. Blair's relationships during the whole show has helped keep me interested in watching.
I could care less about Serena. If she did wind up with Dan, I'd be ok with that. I would not like to see her with Nate though.


Please Dair fans, leave this site! We are tired of your bitterness... Seriously, I'm thinking to quit this site because I can't stand your comments anymore! It is just a TV show...


After hating the writers so much because of the 5th season, I still want Blair and Chuck end up together. They're just meant to be. "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back." I also had hopes for S and D, but I think it's only fool's hope...


You know what. Give me something new: Nate as GG. Dan and Nate becoming endgame! Vanessa comes back and gets with Chuck. Serena dies. Blair remain single and independent. Something different than the same old crap of "Will they, Won't they?" Obviously, it's a "will they". So as far as Chair goes, that story is done and told. What else you got GG?


Of course they're endgame: with two people who are as emotionally toxic, broken, and damaged as those two are, how could they not be? Let's not confuse fairy tale endings as some great affirmation of their love: it's an affirmation of their unhealthy codependence of one another. Fine let them be together; they've been reduced to being so incomplete on their own, that their own damage fits one another. It's called coping. On the flip side, it’s also called really really really bad writing. Safran and co. have been responsible for the most haphazard, inconsistent, plot-jumping, rehashed ridiculousness that has boxed them into a corner that is a Chair endgame. I was always a proponent of season 4 Dair and gave me hope that it was a vehicle for change in the upcoming seasons: something new and different, and not the same boring crap that gets recycled. And Safran and co. gave us season 5, so what left is there to continue on with that garbage and recycle season 1 all over again.


@mm i feel exactly the same about chair.I was tired waiting for them to get back together, blair just kept jumping into relationships, in fact the writers made me hate her character that i can't even ship chair anymore.Come on she married a prince and dated dan humphrey.Are we chair fans suppose to be happy about the 5th season ending? i know i am not; i was so tired waitng that i lost interest thanks to josh safran this guy ruined the show.


honestly... i lost interest in chair a while back mostly because blair has thrown herself into so many other relationships that i don't really trust her romantic motivation anymore... they better have the most epic story line come next season not because i want a reason to root for them again but because i want some good entertainment i think that at this point a fairy tale ending would be the BIGGEST cop-out this show has ever had - i'd rather see a bad-ass good-action-heros-don't look-back-at-explosions ending if serena and dan get back together i will lose all respect for lonely boy, they are not the new ryan and marissa and even if they were those two didn't technically end up together. i think humphrey should get to play bad-guy this season... and then once he's gotten it out of his system he can go back to being a nice guy no fairy tales please and thank you

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