How Does Ed Westwick Want Gossip Girl to End?

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Will they or won't they?

The question of whether Chuck and Blair are "endgame" is likely to persist in the lead-up to, and throughout, Gossip Girl Season 6. Will legions of Chair fans receive the payoff they've waited years for?

We'll have to wait and see, obviously, but how would the actors themselves like to see the series conclude? In a new interview with the Grungy Gentleman, Ed Westwick was asked that very question.

Here's his response:

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"Ah man that’s the billion dollar question, isn’t it? We have had so many cliffhangers at the end of seasons with like, ‘Will Chuck and Blair get together, won’t they?’ and obviously they haven’t."

"I mean I’m sure they’re going to give it the fairy tale ending the series deserves. Hopefully, Blair and Chuck will end up together. I would like it to end that way. But as to how, I am not sure how I want to see it happen."

How do you want Gossip Girl to conclude later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and follow the link above for a full interview with Ed in which he discusses all faces of his life.

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why dair fans are here? i thought you guys were going to quit the show? if i were you and producers said that chair were over i wouldn't even bother to make any comments anymore i would just drop the show.U guys are so pathetic chair is endagme get over it and dair is dead, they never should have happen in the first place.


I really didn't like Dan's attitude at the end,barroom sex with Serena that he seemed to enjoy, because Blair didn't show up at a restaurant,then tells her the next day, Goodbye, our folks are divorcing so I never have to see you again! That was cruel and to me pretty verbally abusive. Chuck is trying to be a good person, taking care of a hotel and his dog (doing a pretty good job of it.) I like the way he treats Monkey, spayed him responsibly,walks,feeds and loves him. That is a good picture of what a person is. What is Dan taking care of? He can't even cut his hair, and teaming up with Georgina, why is he so mad at everyone???? Sorry, that guy is not to be trusted. Chuck and Blair!


Because of course Chuck has never spied on Blair or stalked her or sent hateful blasts to GG. And let's not forget sleeping with Jenny and anything else that moves, whoring Blair out, abandoning her on a number of occasions and so on. Also he only has Monkey because of Dan. You think Chuck would've adopted a dog off his own back? And where the hell is the dog whilst he's swanning around Monte Carlo? I like Chuck but all you Chuck fans need to stop seeing him through rose tinted specs and making excuses for his behaviour. And Dan is no angel but nowhere near Chuck's level of dysfunction. And to the 'fans' making nasty and personal comments - that's out of line. No need for it.


How can Dair be called sweet? Dan is a creepy stalker. And shouldn't it bother him at least a little that Blair has exiled his sis', and doesn't he need to work that out before being with Blair? Doesn't this make him a total jerk to his family? And what about the blast at Blair's wedding, sleeping with Serena because he can't find Blair for 1 night, exploiting his friends with the book he published, turning his back on his life long friend Vanessa (who admittedly made mistakes) but then forgiving all his insider friends. Not saying I like Vanessa or Jenny, but seriously, Dan is a judgmental jerk, and a creepy, selfish stalker. Chuck has his issues too, and I'm not saying it's healthy for Blair to be with Chuck, but just please don't act like Dair is wholesome and sweet. How many girls would like a boyfriend that secretly follows them around, spies on them, sleeps with the bff because he can't find you for 1 night, has no regard for his own sister, emails video blasts of private moments that can wreck their lives, treats his ex-girlfriend/half-sister like dirt, and writes books criticizing their and their friends lives?


Wrong, the right couple wins. What abuse? The last episode, Blair made a point of saying, Chuck made her feel happier then she had ever been. Why do you think she said that? They have a history together, strong chemistry, great sex, great scenes together, the good and bad, but their love is strong and true. If two people are not both in love-what do you have? One person who says I love you and the other says: I know now? Dan, lies, spies and has barroom sex with Blair's best friend Serena, who he knows is in love with him and he is somehow a better match? No chemistry, no deep love, someone who basically disliked and hated her for years? You sound like sour grapes to me. BLair seems to have woke up and knows who she wants, better face it. If Dan was any kind of a good person he would help Serena who obviously loves him and is going down a dark path.


I am an ex-Chair fan who will forever remain a DAIR fan. Sometimes the wrong couple wins. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a couple continually stay together despite the fact that they make each other worse. Blair will be a fictional version of a marriage that results in abuse and unhappiness and ends in divorce. A Chair ending would be a sad ending for me.


Chuck and Blair are the best couple on TV! They deserve a great ending! As Nate said, none of them are saints. Dan has lied repeatedly to Blair, stalked and spied on her and simply doesn't trust her, sends hurtful blasts to GG (like the one at her wedding and the drunk Blair singing at her birthday party...) not to mention Serena and how he knows SHE really loves him and is hurting. Chuck never sold Blair, never hit her, has admitted his mistakes (even to his father),voted like 100 times for her for prom queen,apologized to BLair, Jenny and Serena for his actions, rescued her when she was kidnapped, told her he would love her baby that wasn't his, tried to talk her out of marring Louie when her mom asked him to help,truly loves her,carried around a ring for years for her, paid her dowry which almost bankrupt him financially,helped his father and (my favorite!)adopted a scruffy homeless dog, which he walks,feds and loves, the only guy that did. I love Chuck..


Of course Chuck and Blair should be together in the end, it is only realistic for the two of them. But I must add that Serena and Dan must be together in the end because that is what needs to happen from the beginning of the series. Majority know that I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, then my opinion for this is normal. Reading the comments I saw that someone compares Chuck and Blair with Ross and Rachel, I have nothing against, but I think that Serena and Dan are true Rachel and Ross!


Of coarse Blair and Chuck will be back together...lets just forget everything he has done over the years like try to rape Jenny, eventually sleeping with her cos he couldn't wait like 5 mins for Blair, selling Blair for a hotel, buying her back when he paid her dowry, hitting Blair has degraded so much its sad that she wants to go back to an abusive relationship. @Flora, ITA!


Why are the Dair fans still posting? They said they were to stop watching the show...

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