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Psych stars Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundson and James Roday joined TV Fanatic for an interview during our visit to the Vancouver set, where the USA hit is filming its 100th episode, this week.

The trio revealed that Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development, Archer) will be playing Juliet's step father, Lloyd, in an upcoming Season 7 episode parodying The In-Laws movie.

Much like Juliet's father (played by William Shatner), Lloyd has a bit of a criminal past.

What's with Juliet's mother's taste? And when will we meet her?


There's plenty more scoop where this came from, fans. Check back in the coming days for tons more Psych spoilers from Season 7 and my detailed diary of our set visit!

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I hope they do not break them up. She had to have had some clue about him and if they do I will curse the writers for playing into the same thing many good shows do, break the couple up because they cannot write creatively. I hate that or when they kill one off. Good God will writers ever grow up and learn. We HATE that. Please USA do not break them up make your writers write. I love all the cast members.


I am so crying about the fact that shawn and Jules are breaking up! That is the greatest relationship ever! ���


Whoa. There's way too much focus on the relationships here. It's a comedy detective series, not a romantic sitcom. Yeah, Shawn and Jules are in a relationship. But pay attention to how little they really focus on it. In some episodes, you wouldn't even know they were together. It should stay that way. The show's not about relationships. As far as Lassie and his girlfriend go, since the vampire episode, This Episode Sucks, I forgot he had a girlfriend until the Let's Doo-Wop It Again episode. It needs to stay focused on what the show was created for. The relationship aspect is good. It can't be all psychic all the time but girlfriends and boyfriends shouldn't play a huge part.




Mac, you need to RELAX! There is absolutely zero chance of the writers ending the series without Shawn and Jules still together. Even though there's a chance they could break up at some point this season (actually would be interesting to watch all that character development), they will DEFINITELY be back together by the end. I mean the actors James Roday and Maggie Lawson are a real life couple. They have to end up together. And to you Eric: what's your definition of "the coming days"? I need me some Psych scoop!!!! It's been a week and I need more Psych!!! Tell us, tell us!!!


Oh Shulesrockz, you are such a lame drama queen. Focusing on Shawn and Juliet's relationship makes Psych a snoozefest. Lassie and Gus (especially Lassie) are the best characters of this show, and more focus should be placed on them in episodes.


Sorry @Reality Check but Lassie and Marlowe just does not interest me, and certainly isn't reason enough to keep me watching the show. Shawn and Juliet's romance was the reason i got hooked on the show way back in episode 2 of season 1 and it's the reason i love this show so much. So if the writers ruin that relationship i just do not want to continue watching the show. If they break up Shawn and Juliet then Psych will be dead to me, end of story.


Not to worry, Mac. If Shawn and Juliet break up, you can watch Lassie play out his dysfunctional relationship with Marlow, because you know that he'll probably screw that one up, considering that he is an over-zealous, anal-retentive, judgmental, reactionary pain-in-the-ass and she is... NORMAL. Its going to be fun!


If they break up Shawn and Juliet in season 7 i will stop watching. I will hate this show and the writers forever if they do that. If they do that the Shawn and Juliet fans are going to go crazy, and the show will probably lose a huge amount of fans. I hope they are aware of this. If that is the plan the SEASON SEVEN WILL SUCK!!!! AND WILL BE A BIG FAT NO NO FOR ME. I just simply cannot watch Psych if Shawn and Juliet are broken up. SHAWN AND JULIET FOREVER!!!


Actually, the episode is called "No Country For Two Old Men" ... it's filming fifth, but won't air fifth (100 Clues will). And weren't they casting for Lamas? That suggests that someone else will be playing the Mexican version of Lassie. As for foreshadowing a break-up it's probably Shawn's greatest fear when he realizes just how sensitive Jules is to being lied to, especially by a man she thought she could trust. When she finds out Shawn been lying to her about being psychic all these years, clearly the ... uh, stuff will hit the fan. So this is an obvious episode to foreshadow that possible (likely) turn of events. As for where the new season picks up, it seems pretty clear that it's soon after where season 6 ends, but it's not clear just how soon. It seems like most of the premiere is taking place within a few days or weeks, and definitely is dealing with the aftermath. Hope that helps.

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