Jessica Sanchez Nearing Deal to Appear on Glee Season 4

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It looks like Fox is nearing a deal to keep all the great singing in the family.

According to Michael Ausiello of TV Line, Jessica Sanchez is closing in on a deal to appear on multiple Glee Season 4 episodes. It's unclear at the moment what role the American Idol Season 11 runner-up would take on, but she'd likely debut at midseason.

Jessica Sanchez in Action

Sanchez - who competed on America's Got Talent in 2006 but has never acted before - would either be involved with the New Directions in Ohio, or in the Rachel-based NYC storyline that will also feature guest stars Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

We'll update this casting scoop when more news breaks, but react now Gleeks: Do you want to see Sanchez on board? And who would win a ballad-off, her or Mercedes?

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@ aboooo I too want to see Jessica Sanchez win Ballads. It doesn't mean I don't like Mercedes but still...


Don't want her to join glee.. I just think she's too good for that show.. but just a guest star would be nice.. at least I can watch her on tv again :) I would definitely watch the episodes she'll be on :p but she needs to put out an album first..

Miranda wicker

Oh my god. NO. No, no, no. NO.


@farsia: We never see her act so it's not fair to judge her acting skills this early. I'm so glad they cast her because she is the underdog indeed!


puck sister?hehe


like like like.... :) hope she get a good storyline.


She's going to do great. She may not be an actor but she will sing beautifil ballads.


i like her and she has a voice that is cosmic but she doesn't make me feel anything, she is very much a singer not a singer/actor. don't kill me, just my opinion.


Jessica Sanchez and Mercedes are very good singers. but I think Jessica Sanchez would win the ballad off against Mercedes. Jessicas voice is AMAZING.

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