Julie Plec Teases Birth of "Supernatural Heroine" on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries will start over this fall.

That's how Julie Plec put it during an interview with E! News at the ATX Television Festival in Austin last week, as the producer focused on the main storyline heading into the Vampire Diaries Season 4 - Elena Gilbert as a vampire - and said:

"We're starting a new story. Same world, same characters, same feelings, same everything but for our ingénue, and our heroine, we are beginning."

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Considering how transitioning typically emphasizes a human being's most dominant personality traits - Caroline is more bubbly, Damon more… Damon-y - what can fans expect from a blood-sucking Elena?

"Her compassion is her gift and her Achilles heel," says Plec. "She is fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, and very, very compassionate to those around her in that she can see the good and the bad. When all that stuff gets amplified, it's going to make her, hopefully, kind of a badass... it's like the birth of a supernatural heroine."

But Elena was also in a dark place even before turning, experiencing guilt over all the pain she's caused those around her.

How might that play out in vampire form? Explained Plec:

"Elena's dark side, so to speak, is actually in her deep, deep, deep connection to other people, whether they are light or dark. So now that these things get magnified, it is her connection to darker things and darker people, is that going to bloom at all or is she still going to be the infallible heroine? I think that grief can do a lot to send somebody off their rocker a little bit, so who knows what she could go through as a vampire."

No one but Plec and her team, that's for sure. We won't find out until TVD returns in October, but you can relive the past three seasons now when you watch Vampire Diaries online at TV Fanatic!

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oooh and i think that borednow has more than one account!if you see asuka's comment is like he copy-paste a comment from borednow!they are obviously the same person!same phrases,same everything!


@Picase out of those 24 comments half of them are from borednow so there is negativity but not as much as you think!Also there are other dedicated haters that even if they like the episode they will say that it was the worst episode they have ever seen!
Anyway those who left a negative comment are the same boring people who never like an episode of TVD no matter what and they call the show predictable while that's abig irony since they are the most predictable people in the world!


TVD set such a high bar with the second season, now it's hard to live up to the standards people are used to. Still the show is good. It's witty and exiting. But i admit it's not as good as 2.21 was (my favourite ep.). I'm not saying cancel the show, but I think Julie needs to adjust her perspective, bring something innovative on the table. That's just my 2 cents.


@Picazo, well, I don't see any logic in what JP had to say about Elena's character next season. So am I just supposed to go along with it? Despite what you may think, I am a fan of TVD, a show that once used to amaze me with its plot and characters, so now that I see its not doing well,which has been pointed out by many other people, why must I keep quiet about it? Bashing and constructive criticism are two different things. There are things I still like about the show, of coarse, otherwise I wouldn't watch. You say I must take my negative trash somewhere else, well this is a place for a discussion and if you don't like what people write here, you don't have to read it, just skip over my posts.


FYI: there are 24 comments here under this post and I don’t see many positive ones. I don’t care for you negativity take that elsewhere.


@-Amie & @Flora (=liarsunited)
My point is if all you have to say is negative things about the show why you keep watching it? Why you wasting your time? I enjoy the show very much and yes I see the flaws and what not but I am not going to bash the show and speak nothing but negative TRASH>>>


I have one word for JP. Denial! What she says about Elena doesn't translate late to most of the fans watching it.


So true. Its not about liking or hateing the show, its about simply pointing out important issues that plague the show that need to be noticed or realized.
Whoever JP is talking about, it cannot be Elena because if it is, then i must be watching the wrong television show.
I'm not hateing on the show, i'm just angry and bitter about what the writers have done to these characters, destorying them beyond repair in just 3 seasons and people are so indenial about it! Elena is not a heroine, Damon is a messed up vampire and Stefan is a brooding mess. The love triangle is lame and seriously messed up.


Great News: I am excited for this... in other notes i see way too many haters and negative people on here.. Please keep that trash to yourself we sure dont care for that..... Why is it when people point out something that does not make sense or should be paid attention to, its automatically considered as hate for this show. If you don't care what kind of television you are watching then fine,but I prefer good quality tv shows so instead of calling other people's posts trash why not try to understand what they are complaining about. I don't post here and tell those people who LOVE everything about the show and Elena to stop posting about that, do I? Nope, all of us here have the right to express our views - positive or negative.


Great News: I am excited for this... in other notes i see way too many haters and negative people on here.. Please keep that trash to yourself we sure dont care for that..... Great News: Freedom of speech has been established since, oh I dunno a century ago? If you see way too many negativity then that should prove something about the show. What is with the delusion that a comments page is supposed to be full of happy fans? LOL.

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