Julie Plec Teases Birth of "Supernatural Heroine" on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries will start over this fall.

That's how Julie Plec put it during an interview with E! News at the ATX Television Festival in Austin last week, as the producer focused on the main storyline heading into the Vampire Diaries Season 4 - Elena Gilbert as a vampire - and said:

"We're starting a new story. Same world, same characters, same feelings, same everything but for our ingénue, and our heroine, we are beginning."

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Considering how transitioning typically emphasizes a human being's most dominant personality traits - Caroline is more bubbly, Damon more… Damon-y - what can fans expect from a blood-sucking Elena?

"Her compassion is her gift and her Achilles heel," says Plec. "She is fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, and very, very compassionate to those around her in that she can see the good and the bad. When all that stuff gets amplified, it's going to make her, hopefully, kind of a badass... it's like the birth of a supernatural heroine."

But Elena was also in a dark place even before turning, experiencing guilt over all the pain she's caused those around her.

How might that play out in vampire form? Explained Plec:

"Elena's dark side, so to speak, is actually in her deep, deep, deep connection to other people, whether they are light or dark. So now that these things get magnified, it is her connection to darker things and darker people, is that going to bloom at all or is she still going to be the infallible heroine? I think that grief can do a lot to send somebody off their rocker a little bit, so who knows what she could go through as a vampire."

No one but Plec and her team, that's for sure. We won't find out until TVD returns in October, but you can relive the past three seasons now when you watch Vampire Diaries online at TV Fanatic!

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The spoilers just gets worser by the day.


Its amazing how this show couldn't stop bashing Twilight back in its 1st season (when it was good) now, sadly, Damon and stefan have become even more messed up then Jacob and Edward and Elena is worse then Bella. Elena doesnt even deserve the title of "heroine" yet the writers have this delusional idea that Elena is so strong and brave and "caring". Lol! Just...lol!


Like "caring" is such a flaw. Its ridiculous! And laughable! For someone so "smart" Elena's incredibly stupid. Saying that the writers fucked up is an understatement! Elena needs a miracle to make anyone (with a brain) like her. Then again, so does the rest of the cast except for Caroline.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Well according To plec Herself Elena has like, IQ of over 120 and her only flaw is that "she cares so much" Yeh, sorry, writers are completely disconnected with how their "character" actually turned out. yet again, sorry for using the word Character to define elena.


@amie Bella became a "badass" in Breaking Dawn so why can't Elena lol! XD


Please, book Elena was the one who was fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, she was the one who always put herself in danger first, yes she might have used her friends a lot, but in the end she would die for them. Plus being a badass is not just about physical strength, its also about being smart, and Elena's horrible decision making abilities will continue to not serve her well.


"She is fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, and very, very compassionate to those around her in that she can see the good and the bad. When all that stuff gets amplified, it's going to make her, hopefully, kind of a badass... it's like the birth of a supernatural heroine." About Elena's fierce loyalty and being protective...that is mostly only words but her actions prove otherwise. She always says that she will not let anything happen to those she loves but that's just words, there is no action behind it. All Elena does in the end is hug the victims and say that she is sorry and it is all her fault. Even with her supposed training this season..what was the point of that if it didn't come in handy at all this season - her scenes with Rebekah and Klaus prove that. So what, will she just magically become a badass just because she is a vampire now?


Seriously JP, what character are you talking about? The Elena that i know of hasnt shown any reaction to ANYTHING! She's a useless, expressionless, personality less, self-righteous mary-sue! Shes WORSE than Bella Swan! I honestly cant stop laughing right now. These writers really believe that Elena is developed, relatable and really likable. They even more delusional then i thought. Elena can't be "dark" because she has no personality and no faults to speak of! "a new beginning"- what, like how the season ended ripping off Twilight Breaking Dawn pt.1 ending! Elenas going to be like Bella once she became a vampire? Please! lol!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Four words: Too Little Too late. Miss Cardboard is universally hated and despises bella-clone. It would take a miracle and an actual good quality writers to make someone like her. THis show has neither

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