Kevin Williamson Teases Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries, Confirms End of The Secret Circle

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Oh, Kevin Williamson, you tease.

In an interview with IGN, mostly focused on his upcoming Fox series The Following, this super producer took time to answer a few questions about The Vampire Diaries - and whet the appetites of fans with one intriguing possibility.

Faye Chamberlain Image
The Old Elena

After first crushing the dreams of Secret Circle viewers hoping to somehow save the canceled CW drama ("I am so sorry to all the fans, but that show is gone."), Williamson turned to that show's breakout star, referred to Phoebe Tonkin as "awesome" and added:

"I want her on Vampire Diaries. I ought to write her in."

Whoa. Yes, Kevin. Yes, you should!

It might be too early to get overly excited over the possibility, but we can't help it. Would you want to see Tonkin in Mystic Falls?

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How about the writers write the damn characters of the show properly before they bring another character in? Smh.




I would of preferred her to of played the Elena character. I think she is a better actress.


It would be interesting to see her on the show BUT if shes going to be made into:
a) Plot device whose death can already be known five minutes onto the show.
b) Another of Damons slutty rebound conquests (him sleeping with Rebekah was wrong on so many levels! Plus just plane "eww")
c)Personality less character.
Then i honest dont care to see her feature in the show!
I also hope that she doesnt become Elenas "Faith" in Vampire form in S4. To contrast against her. Like how Buffy and Faith were contrasts.


omg Phoebe Tonkin could play damons new 'love intrest' ! not for long though, elena will get jel and run to damon ect, - delena endgame ftw


She'd be nice as a vamp newbie. And having something for Damon, Elena being jealous, and finally a show down between the girls. Badass fight over Damon. Im a great fan of Stelena, for a long time, BUT, I dont thnk that Elena and him can ever be together again, and be like they were before. Their relationship have broken beyond repair. I think that Elena should choose Damon ...I feel it coming...pains me
But Just get on with it. Make them together once and for all, stop the torturing. And in the End, get Stefan to be a Bad Good guy again.

Sarah silva

While I liked Phoebe I do not think she should be on TVD!


i just read somewhere she will be a love interest for Stefan


Love interest for Damon!! Loved Phoebe Tonkin on TSC, would love to see her elsewhere!


She should be a love interest for Jeremy. She would make a badass vamp though!

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