Kevin Williamson Teases Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries, Confirms End of The Secret Circle

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Oh, Kevin Williamson, you tease.

In an interview with IGN, mostly focused on his upcoming Fox series The Following, this super producer took time to answer a few questions about The Vampire Diaries - and whet the appetites of fans with one intriguing possibility.

Faye Chamberlain Image
The Old Elena

After first crushing the dreams of Secret Circle viewers hoping to somehow save the canceled CW drama ("I am so sorry to all the fans, but that show is gone."), Williamson turned to that show's breakout star, referred to Phoebe Tonkin as "awesome" and added:

"I want her on Vampire Diaries. I ought to write her in."

Whoa. Yes, Kevin. Yes, you should!

It might be too early to get overly excited over the possibility, but we can't help it. Would you want to see Tonkin in Mystic Falls?

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Phoebe is very good and the bad girl love should definitely take part in The Vampire Diaries series will be more attractive and lively, and that fans will love it


yeah yeah yeah phoebe Phoebe Tonkin definitely attend the series really would be nice if it really is very, very beautiful girl is a bad


Oh yeah !!! She is just sooooo amazing. I loved her as Faye but.... she could be absolutely awesome in TVD !!!! Like, a totally-bas-ass-vampire, like Katherine or Caroline (I can totally imagine her as a friend of Rebekah or Kath by the way). I will be so happy to see her in TVD as a recurring or even a regular and I really hope it's gonna happen.


In fact,it would be really cool if she came in as her character from secret circle...haha wishfull thinking I know !! id love her to come in and out-witch Bonnies boring ass ;)


Id love to see her on v.d just please a recurring maybe permanent role not a one or two episode run as shes too good for that!!


bence katılmalı müthiş olur


Witch (witches are lame on TVD)? Vampire (too many as it is)? Sea nymph/siren? :) Hunter? Caroline's frenemy? :D


Ment to say Id love her added :)


Yes !! Shes hott as hell . . . Her and Clair holt (Rebekah)both stared on some show in australia called H20:Just add water..or something like that lol. Id live her to be added to the cast


heck, just bring cariba heine and have and h2o reunion

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