Mad Men Season Finale Trailer: How Will It End?

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Yes, that really did just happen on Mad Men last night.

The series known for its slow simmer of character build-up and storytelling followed up Joan's bedroom negotiations two weeks ago with the death of a major character. Did anyone see that coming?!?

How will Don Draper and company react on next Sunday's season five finale? As usual, AMC hasn't revealed much in its official synopsis ("Season 5 concludes with opportunities abounding for everyone at the agency, while Pete encounters an interesting stranger on a train.") or its official trailer.

But you can still get some idea of what's to come in the following footage:

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This writer predicts that Mad Men will end as a series (not necessarily this finale on Sun June 10th 2012)with Draper/Whitman jumping out of his office window when his past catches up to him. This ending will look like the opening credits when we see an animated figure who looks like Draper/Whitman jumping from the office window. This ending will come as a surprise to viewers of Mad Men and they will be “astonished� and “awestruck� as this ending was “hidden in plain sight.�


I have a feeling lane "took care" of Joan, by increasing her quota. That would be a nice way to forgive himself for taking part in her decision (following personal needs) and to omage the one person he respected. We'll see!! Too bad it's the last episode for the season, but I must say I was surprised that she wasn't made partner before. Different times i guess. ^_° I like her character and understand her choice, still, I am really happy that I was born after all these struggles, it is a bit easier to shine at work. A bit, not a LOT. ^_^

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