NCIS: Los Angeles Boss To Fans: Trust Hetty!

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The shocking conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 left the fate of beloved boss Hetty (Linda Hunt) up in the air for a second consecutive year, but how worried should fans of the diminutive shot-caller be?

In the closing minutes of "Sans Voir," Hetty announced she was resigning in the wake of Callen shooting the Chemeleon, apparently to be replaced by Miguel Ferrer's Assistant Director Granger.

This sparked obvious concerns similar to the year before - when Season 2 ended with Hetty in a precarious position in Romania - regarding Hunt's future with the show. Is she really leaving?

Creator and executive producer Shane Brennan tells TV Guide the following:

Lange, H., Pic

"If there's one thing fans of the enigmatic Hetty Lange should know by now, she marches to her own drumbeat ... her resignation was shocking, but everything Hetty does, she does for a reason."

"Her fans are just going to have to trust her on this one. I can promise that fans will see Hetty in the opening episode Season 4, doing something that she does better than anyone else."

From his days running NCIS, Brennan has mastered the art of saying nothing at all, yet somehow making us even more intrigued. What he means by the above quotes gives us ample room for speculation.

Will Hetty be back, and how? What consequences will Callen face? Comment below!

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No Hetty ,no interest no watch.Just another show without her. she brings another dimension to what after all is just another Goodies and villians show with resurrected plots.


I want deeks and kensi together, please!!!1


Please Hetty cannot leave the show! :( I absolutely love her and I really think she ties in the whole team. Plus this is kinda off the topic but DENSI - I'm going crazy waiting for them to get together.


I suspect that the reason Hetty turned in her resignation is because Callen has obviously changed. The way he said "just kill them all" back in Rumania and now killing the Chemelion, he acted in vengeance instead of justice and I'm sure she sees that, and knowing how much she cares for him, she will want to dedicate all that extra free time to work on his "psychological" well being.


I think that G will be fine he is a federal agent so dont think they will spend too much gy time explaining what happened to some dirtball that was setting up murders all over the city. H Lang, I think we will see her gather the intelligence we all want on Grainger. He has to go, they have to have somebody/anybody that can bring something fresh to the team. Maybe Vance should head west for a while and get his arms around the team. As I predict, Callen's team will be falling apart. Also I dont know if it is whomever writes Vances lines or the way he delivers them but I think he brings down the avg of the team. IMHO! I liked Jenny the best of all past Directors, maybe she has a long lost twin sister. Figure out how to bring her back from the dead. Or maybe the last few seasons were just a dream that she has been sleeping or in a coma? Anything??? This thing on??


Wow Mrs. Hunt if your reading this from a loyal fan, PLEASE SIGN THE EXT. AND RETURN TO SAVE CALLEN G and the ncis los angeles show, it wont be the same with out you, and please do as you said get rid of Granger!!!


Hetty cannot leave the show. She is the heart soul of the show.


Love Hettie. Would not want her to leave the show

Sue ann

Without Hetty, without Linda Hunt, this show would die, as it should. She is the heart of the show.

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