NCIS to Explore Love ... in an Elevator?

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It was no accident that fan favorites Tony and Ziva ended up in an elevator at the tail end of NCIS Season 9 ... which makes sense, considering that most people take the stairs during an evacuation.

Where does that leave them when we pick up next fall, in the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the agency's headquarters? Show-runner Gary Glasberg weighed in on that with TV Guide.

"We'll pick up with them in that elevator and, with the situation that they're in, there will be some conversations," he says. "Hopefully we'll scratch our way a little bit deeper into the relationship."

How's that for ambiguity? Read into it however you like. Time will tell if it serves as an actual turning point for the "couple," but either way, those are guaranteed to be must-watch scenes.

Anthony and Ziva

Tony and Ziva aren't the only ones in precarious positions after the end of "Til Death Do Us Part."

As for whether the team will end up with new digs after the bombing, that's unclear, but the emotional cleanup of the team will be more significant than the physical rubble, Glasberg says.

"There are psychological ramifications that will carry over," he says, in particular Ducky's heart attack.

"How will that affect his character as a medical examiner and his long-held approach to dealing with the dead? How might it change him and the way he views things?"

We welcome your theories on that in the comments below. Follow the link for more NCIS Season 10 spoilers, and tell us how you think things will shake out with Ducky, Tony, Ziva and everyone else ...

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I just think it wrong to only do what a small group of people want


Katie: re "And I still can't get over the switch from him playing football to basketball. If he were a two-sport athlete, that would be something that Tony would surely brag about." Actually his basketball career was set up in the 1st season episode "dead Man Talking". His football career wasn't mentioned until the 2nd season episode "SWAK".


if they are going to write Tiva together than they need to do it with much care.. I'm not talking about a full on relationship but like what if the season opens with Tony and Ziva in the elevator and Tony is trying to get Ziva to be conscious again and when she finally does he is so happy that he kisses her in the heat of the moment and then it becomes the elephant in the room for the rest of the episode.... Comment what do u think?


I know that NCIS has changed, but I do not really think it is focused on Ziva.. I think that they just had to find a way to wrap up the whole Ray thing because he proposed.. I think that this year they should go back to the basics like seasons earlier in.. I would like to see the after math (BTW they started filming yesterday) Less personal issues... Don't get me wrong I like the idea of Tiva ( which by the way is not all about Ziva, the name doesn't imply that it just means Tova didn't sound right) but


It is about time that something happened with Tony and Ziva! The tension between them has been escalating since the "Reunion" episode in...I think season 7.


there are a couple of ziva haters on this site just wish they could loose the hate for her and talk about smthing else.deep down they know ziva is here to stay and tiva is a real.

Josie leeds

the rest of the last sentence is: ....they get stupid.

Josie leeds

Ducky will carefully mentor "The Kid", from his bedside, if necessary. Also offers a great opportunity for a "dream sequence" while he's recovering; Abby does what she has to do to stay on top of technology--that's implied and occasionally mentioned. As for "maturing"...why? If I had looked that great at 42, I guarantee I wouldn't have backed off! Besides, TV-land doesn't have the same "time" as reality--one season could be only 1 month in their "lives". Yeah, Tony needs to grow up, emotionally--it's the writers fault if they don't portray him in a more mature and appreciated way. For all of those whining about Ziva--get the hell over it! She's a part of the team, has made her bones and done a good job of fitting in. I'd like to see Gibbs develope something with Diane Neal's character--she's smart enough to keep up with him and knows his "world" better than most. Face it, fans, It's the writers that will make or break this show--by now, they are getting bored and when writers get bored they do really stupid things. Enjoy while we still have it.


@senior sit fan pauly maybe 43years but shes not 43 on the show


I don't think that Ziva originally was supposed to replace Tony, but once SB came on board, he decided Tony's depth, cool, skill, competence, intelligence, attention from the opposite sex, and SFA status needed to be ditched so that he could promote Ziva as the tragic wonder agent of the group. IMO it is quite obvious that SB favored CdP and I suspect had something against MW. Then to further assassinate Tony's character, he writes him as being somewhat smitten with her while she treats him like pond scum. Hasn't been a fun ride most of the time for Tony fans in the last couple years.

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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