Necessary Roughness Review: End Game

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After last week's Necessary Roughness had T.K. wandering home to Newark to lick his wounds, I was grateful he found his way back to the Hawks in this episode. Of course, that wasn't before he bought a Winky Dog.

"Wide Deceiver" featured T.K. believing he was done with football and could be happy running the Winky Dog. Obviously that sentiment was more about fear than the desire for a good hot dog.

T.K.'s got reason to be afraid. He's still not fully recovered. He hasn't been following up on his therapy, either mental or physical, and he's still popping those pain pills.

Dani Works With T.K.

I was proud of T.K. for coming back and for encouraging Damon, or Bryce or whoever he was. It might be fun to see T.K. in the role of mentor with the new kid. But the man was in some serious pain and the road back will not be easy. All the better that he'll have Dani and Matt to help him through it.

Dani had to help her own family through some things - like Ray Jay's new obsession with girlfriend Olivia. She's obviously got the boy wrapped around her finger but that's certainly not unusual for a first love. And in the scheme of things there are worse things than your kid going vegan but a fridge full of organic tofu and kale isn't all that appetizing.

I did enjoy Lindsay poking fun at her brother when she said in this Necessary Roughness quote

Vegetarian wasn't pretentious enough for you? | permalink

But even Lindsay wasn't immune to the sway of Olivia.

Dani made the right move inviting Olivia over for a vegan dinner and was even smarter to make herself a ribeye. Matt was right. Ray Jay and Lindsay should be able to find their own way, as annoying as that might be some days.

Unfortunately, it was Matt's very sage advice that may have led to the end of his and Dani's relationship. Matt wants kids some day. Dani's had hers. It's an issue that doesn't have to spell their doom at this moment but it will put an expiration date on their relationship and that's kind of sad.

Would you like to see Damon/Bryce stick around? How long will the kids be sucked into the cult of Olivia? Is Nico playing both sides? And do Matt and Dani have a future? Let me know what you think before the next Necessary Roughness.


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I think it's ABOUT DAMN TIME. Dani and Nico belong together. They have a whole other level of emotional connection and chemistry beyond Dani and Matt. They were on the screen together in this episode for less than a minute and more was spoken between them than Dani and Matt. I cannot wait for Nico and Dani to be together. Plus, it's gonna be HOT! Enough with the waitin, though!


i too think tk is developing an addiction to painkillers, as for Dani & Matt I think they will work through their issue. Nico is on the side of the Hawks and possibly Gabrielle Pittman.


Is Damon "Smash" from Friday Night Lights? I am sad that Dani and Matt seem to be heading for a break up. I like Nico but just once it would be nice to see a happy couple stay together (kind of like FNL - LOL). I know it is TV, just saying.......


This show is nothing more than disgusting progressives once again promoting interracial sex. Real Americans should boycott.


Marisa1983, Yes, I think they are headed that way too but I think we'll know for sure within the next couple of episodes.


By the way, does anyone else think TK will develop an addiction to painkillers? I had the impression that scene at the end wasn't for nothing...


Agree with you Dar, I've been wanting to see Dani and Nico together since the beginning. I think they have more chemistry and I think Nico needs someone like Dani.


I believe the side that Nico is on is that of the Hawks. He cares for the people in the organization and would love to stick it to Pittman (Evan Handler is doing a great acting job of being an ass)


I can not wait until OLIVA IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! She is getting on my nerves more then she is getting on Dani's.


I like the way they are setting us up for Matt and Dani's breakup. It should provide the opportunity for some great scenes. I also kinda felt Dani and Nico would wind up together anyway. So far season two is off to a good start

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Vegetarian wasn't pretentious enough for you?


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