Parenthood Season 4 Casting Scoop: Ray Romano to Recur

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In case you somehow needed another reason to watch the most underrated drama on television...

Ray Romano has signed on for multiple episodes of Parenthood.

Joe on Men of a Certain Age

The longtime actor (Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of a Certain Age) will portray a photographer and possible romantic interest for Lauren Graham's Sarah, someone who will be introduced on the season premiere and cause problems for Sarah and Mark.

Parenthood Season 3 concluded with Sarah accepting Mark's marriage proposal, but, come on. It's not like this woman can ever have a simple love life, right?

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I think ray romano adds nothing to parenthood-he is not great in the roll and is not good in a drama roll-i see no reason for his part in this great show


I m so happy this show is going to continue another season! Best writing and acting in a tv series. As corny as it sounds, we are always disappointed when the show ends so quickly each episode.. So well done, we feel like we personally know each character. Hope the quality stays high and that it doesn't turn raunchy like so many shows have done when they run out of things to write about. Keep it real!


I love this show! It's like FATHER KNOWS BEST for the 21st century! DO NOT take this show off the's one of the few my family and I can watch TOGETHER (and discuss~)! Thank you for bringing it back NBC!


I think Gordon (William Baldwin) should come back for Sarah (Lauren Graham). I don't like the way they ended things and I think it would be good because Sarah said she didn't know if she wanted kids and Gordon didn't want kids....


I am so happy to hear that Parenthood will be back in the fall, 2012. It is one of the very best shows on TV. When will it return?

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