Person of Interest Season One Report Card: A-

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Person of Interest became one of the few bona fide hits of TV's 2011-12 freshman class.

With an intriguing premise and a pair of outstanding leads in Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel, it delivered on all fronts. What were the high points? What do hope to see in 2012-2013? What would we change?

Read on as we grade Person of Interest's first season in TV Fanatic's Report Card series.


Best Character: While I truly think the characters are entertaining in their own rights and even have Detective Fusco up on the list, I have to go with John Reese. It might seem predictable because he's the series lead, but the guy knows how to kick ass with such a cool swagger that it never gets old watching him do it every single episode.

Plus, there's plenty of backstory and humanity, so he's not just a walking Terminator.

Person of Interest Duo

Worst Character: I'd say towards the beginning part of the season, Detective Carter was the worst character mainly for the fact that she felt too-one dimensional and merely served as the cop trying to catch Reese.

After bringing her into the fold, she's been able to hold her own with more purpose, but I'm hoping season two can flesh her out even further like it has done with Reese, Finch, and Fusco. I want to know what drives her!

Best Episode: This one is tough mainly for the fact that there are actually plenty of really great episodes to choose from. And while I think the final three episodes are a fantastic cap to the season with a great combination of story, action, and character, I have to give it to "Root Cause."

Not only did this episode bring back Zoe and give both Finch and Reese something significant to do, but it introduced us to another enemy in the show's rogues gallery that would reappear for a fantastic payoff in the finale, "Firewall." Certainly the show was ramping up and finally getting me really hooked at this point too.

Worst Episode: No episode of the season was awful, but the first batch hadn't caught the rhythm and excitement the latter half of the season drove with solid force. With that in mind, "Mission Creep" would probably be the one I might be least like to watch again mostly because it was rather boring for the episode.

Don't get me wrong, there were good moments, but it doesn't come close to the quality of the more recent airing episodes like "Many Happy Returns."

Best Guest Star: Paige Turco nailed it as the smart, sexy, and fiendishly clever Zoe Morgan. She not only had a great rapport with Jim Caviezel, but having her character pop up in a few episodes was always a treat.

She fit right in with the team and I hope she comes back.

Most Underused Character: I would have at first said Nathan Ingram's son, Will, because he seemed so promising and then left, but at least he has the opportunity to come back.

As for Alicia Corwin, while a shocking death, we never really got to learn much about her aside from the fact that she wanted to defeat Finch. Maybe flashbacks for next season might give us more insight?

Hopes for Season 2: There are many directions it could go and I hope that it follows a similar pattern to Person of Interest Season 1 in utilizing closed-ended episodes while at the same time laying in bits and pieces of an overall story arc.

I'm really hoping we explore more of Nathan Ingram and the Machine as well as a variety of unique ways John Reese gets to beat up and take down his enemies. I can only imagine what new bad guys await.

It's just unfortunate we have to wait until fall to find out where the show is headed next!

Overall Grade: A-.

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Love this show, the best I've seen yet. It's a little scary though to think that the use of this technolog in the show is actually going on today in real life situations, Wow! Really hope it makes it for years to come. P.S. it's weird watching JR in this role after an incredible performance in Passion of Christ. May the Lord be with the whole cast.


Here in Sri Lanka, it is being aired a little late. Today is the "many Happy Returns" episode. This is one of the best TV series I've watched. There is lot for the viewer to reason out, and the objectives of eaach mission keep on evolving throughout the episode. Eagerly await the 2nd season.


almost no mention of elias? he's freaking EPIC!


Best Main Characters: Reese, followed by a tie between Carter and Finch. Best Guest Characters: Mark Snow and Elias. Least Favorite Guest Character: Zoe Most Favorite Episodes: Get Carter, Number Crunch, and Many Happy Returns. Least Favorite Episode: Identity Crisis


I disagree with the reviewer. I love Reese/Finch, but Carter is definitely one of the best characters! The character has so much potential if the writers are willing to invest in her. Carter knows more about Reese than almost anybody. How will she use this information? The character is conflicted between a desire to play by the rules/follow the black letter of the law and her desire to prevent murders before they can happen by working with Reese/Finch. How will she resolve this conflict? Carter wants to trust Fusco but still have her doubts about which side(s) of the law he is playing on. I think it will be interesting watching how this pans out. (We don't know whether Fusco is still a part of HR). Further, it should be entertaining to watch how Carter and Fusco interact now that they are both aware that the other is working with Reese/Finch and hence know the other is breaking all types of policies and procedures of NYPD, if not outright the law. Inevitably, you know Carter's aiding and abetting Reese/Finch will be discovered by either the local or federal authorities, if not both. I'm looking forward to seeing how Carter and Reese/Finch handle this and what the fallout will be. The best episodes were: Get Carter, Number Crunch, Flesh and Blood, and Many Happy Returns. The best guest characters are Snow and Elias. The worst is Zoe.


I agree that Reese is the best character and I love the interaction between Reese and Finch. Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel play these characters as if the roles were written just for them. I think all the episodes were great though I agree with your comments about Mission Creep. For the first half of the season, my favorite episodes were The Fix, Witness, and of course Number Crunch. After Number Crunch, it seemed the series took off with Legacy, Root Cause, Baby Blue, Identity Crisis, Many Happy Returns, No Good Deed, and of course Firewall.
You forget to mention that Jim Caviezel's John Reese is incredibly sexy, and very easy on the eyes. I also love Fusco, and have come to love Carter also. Elias and Root are great villans.


The character played by Jim Caviezel was interesting and Mr. Finch is something else. I really liked the show because it is different than any other shows. I would like to see more beefy stories that can be intrigue and interested to watch for the whole season. Would like to see more what happens in each episode as I mean not to bore but more exciting that can be worth to watch.


I forgot to add that Alan Dale was Magnificent as one of the most memorable guest star in E:06, Foe. I am looking forward seeing more of Cara too.


I agree that John Reese is the best character. The worst character for me is Carter. She is one dimensional and she whines. If I hear that she is all alone one more time I'm going to scream! I predict that she will betray Reese and Finch at some point in the future. My favorite episode is a tie between Super and Baby Blue. The worst episode was Get Carter. Most underused character is Fusco. I love this show. It has humor and action and it is well written and the actors are brilliant. I love the interaction between Reese and Finch.

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