Pretty Little Liars Clips: Getting Testy

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Pretty Little Liars enters the "Kingdom of the Blind" on Tuesday night and, as usual, ABC Family is rather mum regarding episode details.

Good luck learning anything about the installment from this PLL promo! But the network has at least released six clips from episode three of season three, and they reveal...

... Emily's confusion over a certain grade:

... Emily approaching Ella over that grade:

... Hanna asking Caleb to talk to Lucas:

... Caleb then confronting Lucas over his recent actions:

... the gals trying to determine the best way to out Jenna as a liar:

... Aria being sent in to earn her trust:

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1:50 is a tad bit long for a Video intro on youtube, If you can get it under 30 sec that would be the best. I have lenraed if you have a long intro people tend not to even watch the video.


I'm rly hoping theres no Ezra this ep.


Uh Lucas is now an annoying psychopath. I'm sorry but his smugness would make me want to hit him. Seriously.....the bullied has turned into the bully.
Man! These kids need to get a little freaking perspective!


NO ezria clips because the couple is CREEPY!


I dont want to watch all the clips because it sounds like most of the show is being shown!


set fire to Hanna?? wtf?? Lucas is dark, very dark!!
and why are there no Ezria clips????

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Spencer: Hanna, you have all the subtlety of a hand grenade.
Hanna: Thank you!

You're open to date but you're not open for business.