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Our favorite little liars have finally returned to Rosewood and, damn, do they know how to make an entrance! The season three premiere of Pretty Little Liars wasted no time dropping this foursome into a pile of trouble.

In "It Happened That Night" things took an extremely dark turn when a drunk and disoriented Emily was basically abducted from Spencer's house and dumped at the cemetery right above Ali's grave. Sure, we've seen these girls run around the cemetary before, but we've never been in a situation where one of them has been standing above a dug up grave. I'm getting the chills just writing this.

PLL Season 3 Premiere Scene

Last season when Mona had revealed herself as A to Spencer and was maniacally driving, she mentioned something about there being an "A Team." With tonight's scandal and Spencer's summer research, I'd say the theory about there being more than one person behind A is definitely correct. Mona seems like she was a puppet for A, especially considering how whacked out she really is. I can't imagine what it must be like for Hanna to visit her all summer and when she finally thought she was getting a response, Mona was really just hallucinating Alison. 

Obviously we know from the end scene that somebody new has taken over and is stalking the girls. The other major thing I deduced from the ending scene was that this version of A is a lot darker than Mona. Cue up that text message they received:

Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. | permalink

The thing about Pretty Little Liars that can be so difficult is keeping track of everything that's happened. Thankfully Spencer spent the summer creepily visiting A's lair to try and create a simulation of what the room looked like on her computer. She also tracked all of the clues and realized that a lot of the threats came to them while someone was with Mona. How would that have been possible without more than one A? 

One thing that I definitely recognized was Jenna's convertible from the finale as the same car that Emily was picked up by when she was blacked out drunk. Since Mona is locked up, someone else is running the show and Jenna has allegedly been away all summer but I'm not buying it. Then Garrett said he knew he took the body. Well, how convenient! Who would be visiting Garrett in jail? Who would Garrett be co-conspirating with?

All four of the actresses were on their A game tonight, no pun intended, but Shay Mitchell really knocked it out of the park. She displayed a wide range of emotions between grief, vulnerability, confusion, disorientation and an attempt to be strong for her three best friends. Major props to the star for delivering such a fantastic performance. It seems like there has been growth in each of these characters. 

Elsewhere in Rosewood, there was love in the air. Ezria were set on recreating their first night together before the police station stuff came up. Rosewood PD, such a buzzkill! Hanna and Caleb were being all cutesy and cooking together, which I loved. Then there was shirtless Toby, for which I think we all just need a moment...

Right, so we had shirtless Toby which was driving Spencer mad to the point that she no longer wanted to wait to have sex with him. Was I the only one who didn't realize they hadn't slept together yet? Also, is Spencer an aunt to Melissa's baby yet or what?

What did everyone else think of the Pretty Little Premiere? I loved it. I think it laid the perfect foundation for a dark and twisted season. I also loved Hanna's new vocabulary. Hey, we've gotta get a little humor somewhere on this show!! Hit the comments and check out the PLL promo for next week now!


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im a adult and love this show its miles better then the average high school friends sleeping with each others boyfriends/girlfriends ( cough 90210 cough)
i found the grave scene scary, to think that someo


@R: Urgh, since you're so 'adult' and 'mature', stop watching PLL and go watch something gory and violent-ish. And stop attacking the reviewer while you're at it. I myself think it's Season 1-all over again, great start will be a fun ride.


So obviously this writer, Leigh, is a teenager.
She got chills just writing about Emily standing over the grave? Really? need to get out more.
Most of what Emily does is whine and pout. Quite frankly I wish these girls would grow a backbone and stop screaming at everything.


I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that Wren works at the mental hospital.. in face Wren wasn't even mentioned in the review.. I still think he's part of it.. otherwise why would he still be sticking around in rosewood..


I love it. It felt a lot like season 1 all over again. I will be tuning in for more.


I was disappointed. The time gap made everything so confusing. I mean, Byron and Ella are not together anymore? Great. Lucas is more weird than usual. Great. Jenna is gone. Great. Any explanations, HELLO?! And why on earth did Spencer and Toby not have sex, yet? Out of all the girls, Spencer is the virgin? Yeah, right. I just don't get why.
Also, can Hanna PLEASE get a new boyfriend? I don't like Caleb at all. I enjoyed the Emily/Toby scenes, they are such great friends. Other than that, I had a hard time following. And within the first 10 minutes you could already tell that in the end someone saw them and took pictures. No shocker there. I love this show more than any other, but the time gap really made things confusing.


I thought melissa's baby died.. I thiught thats what spencer meant when she told her mom that "hastings girls always bounce back"..
Lucas was creepy as f$&@ Shay mitchell was outstanding today


i liked tonight's episode. wasn't crazy about it, though. i hate that hanna, aria and spencer were all loved up with their boyfriends, and emily is a wreck. come on! i'm hoping the writers would change that later in the season. but.... i'd love to see some drama between the girls ;) like toby and emily get closer as she could open up to him, but couldn't with the girls because she felt the need to be 'strong' for them. nonetheless, this show is hellaaaa addictive.


Lovin it! A really great episode! and these 4 girls are so perfect I LoVe them
Aria- she being paranoid is completly understandable. and I really enjoyed her in the bathroom scene being all i'm gone die
Emilly- was really impressed by SM performance. she was always a beautiful but bland actress. today she won me completly over!
Spencer-Neurotic as always, enjoyed her drulling over Tobby. who wouldn't?
Hanna- Oh sweet Hanna. My fav PLL. her naive nature and easiness to act is making her really enjoyable to watch.
Team A- nice played ! I mean it was obviously a set up, but the girls didn't thought about it!
A perfect opening, for the Bitchest season of all! we all are Pll's!


Great episode if it wasnt for Ezra breaking up Ella and Byron -.-

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