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@Lauren - Jenna didn't give the black swan (Melissa) her dress. Spencer said Melissa was the Black Swan for a charity ball in Philidelphia a year ago. That's why she had the costume. We don't know what Jenna gave the other person at the picnic table, or why A had sketches of the Black Swan costume.


Whoever the new A is has to be the legal drinking age.


I am glad Jason was in this episode and I love his brother/sister bonding with Spencer. I think there are two A's in this season. I do not buy Melissa story for a minute. I am mad that Hanna and Caleb broke up. At first, I though Nate was fishy but he seem like a great guy.


I don't know what to think about Nate... For a long time i thought that Maya was a part of A, and she was killed cause she wanted out. And the fact that he keeps forgetting her parents address. I'm not sure, just wondering.


Jenna gave the black swan her dress, remember? Melissa is lying.

I think Spencer is into something. She was the first to notice Ali was missing. She was the first to notice Emily was missing. She texted Emily. Jason is super weird around her. Everyone suspects her first. She has lots of shady moments. I don't think she is A but... Something is up with the whole Hastings family.


i get it but the shot at the end where A works on her laptop in gloves was stupid. she is sitting in a public place in black awkward black gloves working on a laptop with a touch sensitive pad! come on, the pad wouldn't even respond if it isn't the naked hand! and way to look inconspicuous in an airport!

i am officially sick and tired of the Moping Emma! first she is depressed and gets drunk five months after the fact, that gets everybody in trouble. then she feels all guilty and sorry for herself then she is all angry and petulant and now we are back to locked in/not letting go phase. i mean OH MY FREAKING GOD! she is just a ball of infectious depressing energy!

and where was Ezria this ep??? come on!

Haleb was heart breaking and Spoby was missing too. oh and i do not believe MElissa, not entirely anw.


watching re runs of this show and realized was it mona that pushed ian in the bell tower (he knew who it was as he said 'what are you doing here' ? or was it phsyco A the one who is deeply disturbed and doesnt care who gets hurt

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