Rizzoli & Isles Review: Jane's Heartbreak

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Jane Rizzoli can't catch a break. First, Dean goes behind her back to catch Paddy. I know Dean has his fans, especially the folks who have read the books, but I've never liked him on this show.

Then Jane's father wanders back home after a year just to try and annul his marriage to her mother so he can marry some woman younger than Jane. And now it's Casey.

The one guy she liked, the one guy she trusted, just kicked her to the curb. "This Is How The Heart Breaks" Yeah, they're not kidding.

Jane Is Comforted

Casey obviously has his reasons. I knew it the second he said he sprained his ankle. But that cold shoulder he gave Jane was downright frigid. Even though she didn't say it, I could hear the question in her voice. Why aren't I worth an explanation?

I've really liked Casey up to this point so I'm hoping Jane finds out the truth sooner rather than later and I hope Casey sticks around for a while.

As much as Angela and Jane rub one another the wrong way, I was glad Angela was there for her - but what I really loved was how Angela held the pastries hostage to get the full story out of Maura. 

The case of the week made me cringe with its use of a tactical tomahawk as a murder weapon. I'd never heard of such a thing but it sounds like it should only be found in horror movies.

I couldn't help but laugh over the introduction of Maura's new love interest. Especially when he's now being referred to as the cute boy with the erection. Now there's a story to tell the grandkids about how you met.

Being that he ended up naked in Maura's kitchen just a few days later, I'm guessing he wouldn't have much of a problem with the moniker. And as Jane was nice enough to point out in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Kind of hot, for a dead guy. | permalink

Thankfully Maura was able to bring him back to life. Now she gets to take advantage of her handiwork. 

I'm thrilled that the feuding is over and these best friends are back together. Given all that's Jane's going through, she'll need her best friend now more than ever.


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I agree it was out of character for Maura to take her clothes off with someone she doesn't know, but I think that was the point. No one is one dimensional, and we all do things at times in our life that are out of character. I would prefer that she find someone more suited for her, or fun in a different way. I think this was funny, and don't think it will go on for long. Or at least I hope not. As for Casey, I think he has "man upped", he obviously is thinking of Jane, and whether it is right or wrong, I think he showed he is more of a man then most. None of us would know how we would deal with something like that, until it actually happened to us. I hope Jane finds out soon, because I really do like them together. I think this is great show.


I agree with the rest of the comments about the silly Maura storyline with dumb Eddie Cibrian. Would love to see a more believable love interest for Maura. I think someone like Thomas Cavanaugh (Royal Pains) would play a good love interest. He's dorky/hunky and that'd be a good match for nerdy/gorgeous Maura. I LOVE the Jane-Casey storyline and I am so glad to see him back. My heart sunk when I saw the picture on his computer and I love where they're going with this. Wish they hadn't cast Cibrian, but the rest of the episode was enjoyable.


Absolutely agree with JonnyQuest - what a silly person to tell us they don't watch the show. Do you just troll blogs to find shows you don't watch? Really hope that Jane discovers Casey's "secret" and that they manage to work it out.


Iwa Iniki
June 20th, 2012 3:04 PM
I do not like Angie Harmon and have never watched this show. So...why would you bother reading the reviews and posting comments?


I like the series, but I like the books even better. I keep hoping for Dean, as I did when I read the books. The strong character of Jane doesn't show as much, and I do love that strong woman. I feel as if the writers are sort of playing with the characters but don't understand them well enough to write a better storyline. And what is it with Frost and Korshak anyhow?


Casey's reason for seemingly rejecting Jane was - you should pardon the expression - lame!! He had no reason to think she wouldn't still want to be with him and it is disrespectful of him not to give her the chance. Instead, he hurt her deeply, either to avoid the unlikely risk of rejection or to "spare her." The Maura story line - light fun and a good counterbalance to Jane's sad story, but not particularly interesting for a long story arc. For a brief time, I thought they might make erection boy the murderer, but htat would have been too predictable.


Was sad to see Casey taking his injury this way, how can he help other vets if he can't accept his own injuries? Jane was hurt and she should be.Man up Casey!!!. The Maura story was stupid. She is way to "uptight" to take her clothes off like that. Get off that storyline NOW


I've always enjoyed this series, until the last one. Mara wanting to simply bed down the mechanic then stripping for the "artist" is not my idea of good TV and was out of character for her. If you are trying to cater to the vulgar, you certainly were successful. You'll lose your base, however, just like "Moonlighting" did.


Wow, this ep was a killer, and Angie Harmon's eyes every time she encountered Casey were just full of pain and heart break...beautifully acted! I love that Maura is taking more risks and having some fun for a change, I think she needs erection guy to spice up her rather rigid and formal life--I think he will bring out the fun in her personality.
Meanwhile, I seriously hope that Jane finds out about Casey's disability, because it is clear that she still loves him and that he actually has strong feelings for her, too, but is too afraid that she will reject him because of his disability. He should know better, and I hope she smacks him when she finds out, and the two of them hopefully get back together.


I do not like Angie Harmon and have never watched this show.


Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Maura: What a powerful piece of street art.
Jane: What a powerful example of felony vandalism.

A decomposing Pinto is art?