Rizzoli & Isles Review: Jane's Heartbreak

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Jane Rizzoli can't catch a break. First, Dean goes behind her back to catch Paddy. I know Dean has his fans, especially the folks who have read the books, but I've never liked him on this show.

Then Jane's father wanders back home after a year just to try and annul his marriage to her mother so he can marry some woman younger than Jane. And now it's Casey.

The one guy she liked, the one guy she trusted, just kicked her to the curb. "This Is How The Heart Breaks" Yeah, they're not kidding.

Jane Is Comforted

Casey obviously has his reasons. I knew it the second he said he sprained his ankle. But that cold shoulder he gave Jane was downright frigid. Even though she didn't say it, I could hear the question in her voice. Why aren't I worth an explanation?

I've really liked Casey up to this point so I'm hoping Jane finds out the truth sooner rather than later and I hope Casey sticks around for a while.

As much as Angela and Jane rub one another the wrong way, I was glad Angela was there for her - but what I really loved was how Angela held the pastries hostage to get the full story out of Maura. 

The case of the week made me cringe with its use of a tactical tomahawk as a murder weapon. I'd never heard of such a thing but it sounds like it should only be found in horror movies.

I couldn't help but laugh over the introduction of Maura's new love interest. Especially when he's now being referred to as the cute boy with the erection. Now there's a story to tell the grandkids about how you met.

Being that he ended up naked in Maura's kitchen just a few days later, I'm guessing he wouldn't have much of a problem with the moniker. And as Jane was nice enough to point out in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Kind of hot, for a dead guy. | permalink

Thankfully Maura was able to bring him back to life. Now she gets to take advantage of her handiwork. 

I'm thrilled that the feuding is over and these best friends are back together. Given all that's Jane's going through, she'll need her best friend now more than ever.


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I liked some aspects of the show, but felt that everything was tied up too neatly. I think the show is getting a little too silly compared with how was the first two seasons. Hopefully the next episodes will be better. Felt sad for Jane though about Casey. Also thought Maura acted out of character with taking so many risks with Dennis. Originally she seemed a lot more cautious and Jane was more of the risk taker.


Loved the fact that Jane showed she loved Casey. Hope they continue with that storyline. ON THE OTHER HAND...Did the writers honestly think the fans would "buy" a world traveled and educated woman like Maura, would immediately take her clothes off for a SEMI good looking guy. Not buying it and dont think the fans of the show will either. He NEEDS TO GO, and they need to find her someone with more class. It really was a slap in the face to her character. If that story line continues, I am sure the ratings will reflect the lousy casting of the Cibrian guy. Let him go crash another high rated series!!!


It was fairly obvious to me the first time that there was something physically wrong with Casey - I hope Rizzoli overcomes her heartbreak to realize the shame *he's* feeling. He doesn't think he's good enough, worthy enough for her anymore. He's protecting himself from possible rejection by rejecting *her* first. It's wrong, of course; I have no doubt that if Rizzoli knew about his injury she's be with him every step of the way. I'm not so sure about "the cute guy with the erection". Being yourself (lack of pretension) is one thing; taking off all your clothes in a relative stranger's kitchen is something else entirely! However, "His penis has a pulse!" is an epically hilarious Maura line. It's interesting to compare these two love interests - Casey, the soldier Rizzoli's known for years, the man she admittedly loves more than Dean, the man who pushed her away out of very human fear and shame over his injury. And "cute erection guy", who Maura just met and is stripping naked in her kitchen and getting her into some very, very awkward situations under the guise of having a good time. Hmmmm....


God Casey was heart breaking!!!
i want them to be together!


Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Maura: What a powerful piece of street art.
Jane: What a powerful example of felony vandalism.

A decomposing Pinto is art?