Rizzoli & Isles Review: Straight to My Nightmares

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"Welcome to the Dollhouse" ramped up the fear factor for me, as I've always found dolls really creepy. So when the serial killer with the fetish also added a thing for scrunchies and a penchant for '90s fashion, I knew I was in trouble. If I don't have nightmares tonight it will be a miracle.

That said, the first suspect still made me laugh. Listening to Herbert shout at his doll wife was somehow sad and ridiculous at the same time. It's certainly better than him abusing a real person and if he paid $8,000 for a giant piece of plastic I suppose he can do what he likes to it.

Maura & Jane On The Run

When it came time to actually reveal the killer I was surprised that it almost made me sad. Jonathan was a freak but did the kid ever really have a chance? His father abused and then murdered his mother right in front of him. Goodness knows what he put the kid through after that. 

No wonder he ended up in a mental institution. Unfortunately it would have been safer for him and and the general public if he had just stayed there.

While Jane's trying to find our freaky doll killer she's also going through the five stages of relationship grief, but her idea of therapy is a little different from Maura's. As she points out in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 I'm going to work out on my couch. The five stages of junk food. | permalink

After last week's episode revealed Casey's paralysis I wondered how long Jane would be kept in the dark. I'm grateful it wasn't long at all.

As Maura says, Casey isn't mean but he is in a world of emotional pain right now. Thankfully Maura doesn't make that promise to Casey about keeping his condition a secret. I think Maura knew that she didn't have to tell Jane directly. She just had to tell Angela.

Angela's a busy woman. She's making Peter Rabbit pancakes for the masses, sneaking food to the homeless, running a blog and fixing her daughter's shattered love life. She's one multi-talented woman and it looks like the Captain is noticing.

On the flip side, I'm happy that Maura's new boy toy from last Tuesday was no where to be found. One episode of him was definitely enough.

In the end there's still hope for Jane and Casey and I'm interested in seeing if Maura pulls some strings to make sure he gets into that clinical trial. I hope to see more of him during the rest of the season.


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i watch this show. i like the actors in this show. i like that they continue on with a storylinee. what i do not understand, is why some of the characters were born in boston and have lived there all their lives, yet no accent. that is so unreal. it is that, these shows want to be so authentic and this is so unreal. Not one of the actors has a boston accent. how is that possible. believe me, i know this is not the only show that does this, but, there is that but. why? and they should.


I do not care if it was done before, I care how this show handles a storyline and a story arc with these characters, whom I love. I have high hopes for the Jane and Casey relationship, especially now that he will be in town for the drug trials. Jane deserves someone better than Dean, who was a jerk, and I hope that they allow this relationship to build.
I also love that Rizzoli's mom is getting into a relationship with the captain...she is such a rich character with so many wonderful quirks, that I can hardly wait to see what happens with her next. (I thought that her last year's crush on Bill OReilly was hilarious). I am also eagerly anticipating Maura getting to know her biological mother. Sharon Lawrence is an excellent actress and should be a great addition to the show.


There are only so many stories to go around. So I guess people need to complain about every other show as well. Gun fights, done; explosions, done; partners splitting up and getting back together, done; do I need to go on? Its been the same since TV started, around sixty years ago, the fashion, the equipment, the actors, and the procedures have changed, but the stories are the same. That includes movies as well. If you don't want something to be shown again, then I'm sorry, but you are just going to be disappointed.
As for the show it was fine, I do like that the Captain is taking an interest in Angela. I prefer Casey, and hope that he sticks around, and Maura does help him get into the new research on spinal cord injuries.


I thought that the episode while a bit creepy wasn't at all original. Too many aspects of the storyline were "borrowed" from other crime shows: Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds, CSI, etc. (I agree with farsia 2010's comment). I don't know, so far the third season of Rizzoli & Isles is not quite up to par. Seasons 1 and 2 were definitely stronger! I still like the show, but am hoping for some better episodes. (Jane/Casey story has a bit of promise-even though it too isn't original. I reminds me of that Cary Grant/Debra Kerr movie "An Affair to Remember" when Kerr's character was paralyzed in a bus accident and refused to see Grant's character because she was afraid of how he would feel about her).


Jane belongs with Dean. That's how it is.


Please! the whole thing was done in Criminal Minds!!!! and in one ep Law and Order SVU

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As soon as you're done swallowing the Peter rabbit pancake can you go through the suitcase, please.


She looks like some big, weird doll.