Rookie Blue Interview: Gregory Smith on the Return of the Bromance

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As much as I've enjoyed shipping Sam and Andy on Rookie Blue, Dov Epstein has always been one of my favorite characters. So I was very happy to have the chance to interview Gregory Smith this week before the game changing episode "A Good Shoot." 

Below, the actor talks about the episode that will shatter Dov's existence, which storylines he enjoys and whether or not he'll be directing any time soon.


This week's Rookie Blue has Dov in the middle of a very sensitive story line. How did you feel about playing it?

As an actor, you are always hoping for more and more challenging material. So this is an episode that is very close to my heart and important for the character over the course of this show. There's also a lot of responsibility that comes with that too so you get a little bit nervous.

You've been playing this character for three seasons now. What do you like the most and the least about Dov?

What I love about the character is that he's so sort of transparent about what he wants. The day you meet him he's so enthusiastic because this is a day he's waited for his entire life. As a result it has put him in this place where he's so set up for heartbreak and failure and a lot of dramatic attention. I kind of loved his enthusiasm because it gave him so far to fall.

Last season left Dov's relationships with both Chris and Gail in a strange place. Will we see that addressed this season?

Dov and Chris, the bromance returns. Travis [Milne, who plays Chris] and I are roommates. We live in the same place in Toronto so we're roommates on the show and off.  Those scenes just play themselves.  Dov and Gail are a bit of kindred spirits but out of respect for his buddy, that storyline, we're going to be leaving alone for a little while. It's just a little too loaded. But long term, we'll see. I'm not sure. I really like the storyline but we'll see what happens long term.

Will we get to find out anything more about Dov's past this season?

This week Dov's involved in a storyline that completely shatters his existence and sets him sort of off his path and the rest of his season arc is him dealing with events that unfold this week. We don't get too much more into his past or his family. It's more about his present and his future.

Did you do anything interesting over the hiatus from Rookie Blue?

I spent a month in South Africa. I love to travel so every hiatus I try to travel for at least a month or two. I went on a safari and diving with great white sharks and all that kind of stuff. Right now I'm actually in Utah at the Sundance Labs.

Do you have any interest in directing an episode of Rookie Blue?

I did this year, actually, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It went really well and I loved it.  Hopefully I'll do more.  It's episode 11 this season.

We'll be sure to watch - and Rookie Blue fans should be sure to check out my recent interview with Ben Bass as well.

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I've always liked Dov's spirit and felt that he was truly a great person. I was terribly disappointed in him ruining Gail's relationship without much punishment, but I guess they tried to even it out by eventually breaking up his relationship in a bizarre way. Personally, I think those two events deserved a lot more confrontational hashing out than they got. Especially the fact that Gail only showed slight annoyance at the double standard treatment she received and Drov didn't show as much remorse to her as would normally be in his nature. Overall, Drov's character is played so well in that I find it is truly believable that he is growing and changing from his (probably) childhood beliefs in honor to the way experienced officers must deal with tough situations, he is still a treat to watch.


This is the first real positive hint I've heard that the Dov/Gail storyline may be picked up in the future, and I'm ecstatic! I also really appreciate interviews being done with some of the other actors from the show. I'd be really interested to see if you could do one with Matt Gordon or Eric Johnson :) That being said, I really enjoyed seeing Greg's opinion on the character he's played for 3 years. No matter how often we watch, and rewatch, it's always nice to know the intent behind the personality and the actor's portrayal. thanks again!!


Great interview! Greg seems like a very charasmatic guy and he plays Dov SO WELL. I know you didn't have much time to do this, but you did a great job with what you were given. I love seeing Rookie Blue around the website!


Great interview, thank you! I like Dov's character because he's so kind of, naive, that he's adorkable! And I think Gregory is doing a great job at playing this character. Great interview, it's always nice to be able to know how actors feel when having to play delicate storylines. And I was lucky enough to see a few scenes of the episode he directed, I can't wait to see it on TV!


Great interview into Greg's view of his role of Dov! I think it's great that he's getting some focus this season with some dramatic storylines!

Sarah silva

This is one of my favorite shows on tv and I am enjoying reading all the interviews from the cast!
I think this storyline will be very interesting.
I like Dov and the girl he is with now, however as much as I do not like Gail, I do like the two of them together.

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