Rookie Blue Review: Who Has Your Back?

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On Traci's first day as a detective in training she runs into a "Girls' Night Out" gone horribly wrong. The surprising part of the entire mess was who had her back... and who didn't.

Just think of it as a display of gratitude for Jerry getting you this gig. Ouch. My heart broke a little bit for Traci upon hearing these words from Noelle.

It's such a horrible feeling to work so damn hard for something and have people think you slept your way to it. Perhaps it was the pregnancy hormones talking but I wanted to slap Noelle for that inconsiderate jibe.

Ollie and Traci At the Scene

Jerry both had her back and didn't. First, he bailed on her at the crime scene. Okay, he didn't do it on purpose but she's a detective in training. Jerry should have been there.

Then when she made her first mistake, he tried to protect her and himself. He felt badly about putting her in a that spot but at the same time he was also trying to cover his backside. He is effectively her training officer and he messed up by not being there.

Traci was right. Jerry was dismissive, partly because he wanted to clean up this mess as quickly as possible and thought it would be easier to do so without her interference. But to Traci it felt like he had no confidence in her abilities and it hurt. Even more so because of their personal relationship.

This will be a tough road for Jerry and Traci. They've never worked so closely together and at the same level. As Enuka Okuma mentions in this exclusive interview, it's going to complicate things for the two of them.

The one highlight was the way the other rookies were there for Traci. Andy, Chris, and even Gail were total MVPs this week. In a squad full of people who seemed to doubt her abilities, they were the ones she could count on.

Speaking of Andy, we didn't get much of her and Swarek but what we did see was fun. The look on Sam's face as he handed her the keys to his truck was simply adorable. 

Dov was struggling with the aftermath of the shooting. As much as he despises therapy he's going to have to go through the motions if he wants to get back on the street.

The ride along with the victim's sister was painful but perhaps a little cathartic for him. Unfortunately, I don't know if he's realized that he's about to hit a rough patch with Sue. He lied to her about therapy and she knew it but didn't call him out on it. This could be the beginning of the end for this couple. Once the trust is gone, it's hard to get it back.

Thank goodness Noelle finally told someone she was pregnant. Now that she's on desk duty it seemed odd not to tell people why. Ollie's reaction was so sweet, I'm glad he was the first to know.

Finally we get to Gail, who was struggling with her ice queen persona. If her drunk texts have anything to say about it, she has some unresolved feelings for Nick. Just as I was starting to warm up to these two they had to have Chris look all mopey as he watched them leave.

I never thought that Chris and Gail were right for one another, I actually think her and Dov should eventually find their way back together. That said, I really did feel for the guy as he watched his ex move on with someone else.

The most fun of the night was at the very beginning as Andy, Gail and Traci debated what a man notices first on a woman. Was this really a question? The answers made it obvious why Traci's the one moving up to detective. 

And was it just me or was Andy trying to prove Traci's point with those off duty shirts was wearing? Whether she was donning her sunglasses or not, I'm fairly certain no man was looking at her eyes.

So are you pro Nick and Gail? Are Jerry and Traci headed for a rough patch? And are you hoping for more Sandy time next week? Share your thoughts below before the next Rookie Blue.


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I love Nick and Gail together.Nick is my new favorite person.I have high hopes for them.


Blu, maybe Andy just took Traci's theory to heart. ;)


I too was wondering why andis boobs were hanging out like that. I found it distracting and I'm not into chicks! I'm loving Nick. He's my new favorite!


Thanks for the review, I enjoyed reading it a lot! I love how the rookies have each other's backs. Andy's motivational talk to Traci at the beginning was awesome! Even though she was hungover (no matter what she tells Sam later, she is) she found this energy to pump Traci up and boost her self-confidence. As much as I like Nick&Gail my heart totally broke when Chris came out of the locker room :( He had finally make a move to open up to Gail again and maybe thought they could be more than friends in time and then bam, hit him right in the face. I think we've seen the beginning of the end for Dov & Sue (the actress playing Sue was only available for 3 episodes) as well as for Traci & Jerry... They're in for a rough patch. And we NEED more Sam&Andy coupley time, pretty please with a cherry on top! I mean, a peck on the cheek, seriously?!? We deserve more after we had to endure the Luke&Andy kinky sex in the kitchen... And as much as I am straight, Missy is a gorgeous woman and I enjoyed her cleavage.


Wait, there was an episode in between shots of Andy's boobs??


I do really like Gail and Nick right now, but in the long run I like Dov and Gail together. Chris is great but I like them as friends instead.


I do not see a love connection with Gail and Dov. They are great as friends - with a love hate relationship, but I never bought into the story of them having a love connection. I did love her with Chris, but I'm really loving Gail with Nick! I just think he gets her, and puts her in her place when she needs it. I think Sue will stick with Dov - I think she is very concerned for him, and is trying to figure out how best to help him. They are very cute together:) I felt so bad for Traci this episode. I think her and Jerry will hit a rough patch, but I have high hopes they will work through them! I was surprised at Noelle's comments to Traci...we'll blame it on the pregnancy;) I'm glad she is finally announcing the pregnancy...she seemed to have kept it hidden longer than necessary. It seems like the pregnancy story line is going slower then the rest of the story lines.


...modern guy and be cool with things, there's a bit of an old school male chauvinist lurking in the heart of Jerry Barber. Which, I'm actually sort of glad to see. It seems like there's been an unrealistic lack of that for a bunch of cops. (I'm long winded, so this got cut off my first comment)


After I sent my Roundtable answers, I thought some more about Jerry. Here's what's been on my mind:
While I actually have a long history of ranting about his ineptitude (blowing Sam's cover, screwing up the evidence numbers in the Ray Swann case), I think I initially actually gave him too much credit in the past few interactions with Traci. I totally agree it was lame to be so tech inept that it interfered with work to that extent. He seemed off his game on the day everyone else, at least all the rookies, made big efforts to be there for her. Then when he did step up it was only when he had an audience to witness him being the cool Big Man around the Divsion, the guy confident enough to step up and protect his girlfriend from Frank when she screws up and generously, ostentatiously say credit belongs to her when Nick recovers the cash. But as soon as it's just the two of them alone with Frank, he totally cuts her off and steals her thunder. I think much as he tries to be a modern guy and be cool with things, there's a bit of an old school male chauvinist lurking in the heart of Jerry Barber. Which, I'm actually sort of glad to see. It seems like there's been an unrealistic lack of that for a bunch of cops.

Sarah silva

Personally I do not think that Sue will leave Dov, I think she really cares for him and knows what he went through was hard and she will stick by him. I too think in the end Gail and he are meant to be but we have a long ways to go with that. I know Chris still likes Gail.
I am looking forward to next week.
Sam is still my fave guy BUT Nick is pretty hot too!

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

If you're going to be honest, be honest. Boobs. All the rest is window dressing.


Andy: Sixty percent of men look at your eyes first.
Gail: Yeah, well sixty percent of men are lying.