Rookie Blue Round Table: "A Good Shoot"

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Rookie Blue delivered us one of its best episodes this week when Officer Dov Epstein walked in on a convenience store robbery. It quickly became clear that life would never be the same for this officer.

With such an epic installment behind us, TV Fanatic decided to celebrate with some of our friends from the Rookie Blue fan site Two Worlds Collide. Come join Nathy and Kathryn, along with staff writer Christine Orlando, as they chime in on "A Good Shoot."


What was your favorite scene?

Nathy: It's a tie between Sam and Andy holding hands because I've been shipping them since the beginning and Dov being interrogated by the SIU lady. Gregroy Smith did such a great job!

Kathryn: So many great ones this week!! I think it was probably Dov in the SIU interview. Suspects being worn down into false confessions is a huge issue in law enforcement, and I thought it was interesting to see a cop affected that way too. Greg did a masterful job starting with just the raw emotion of the incident, and then going through the mental process of beginning to doubt himself under questioning.

Christine: I think we're pretty much in agreement here. I loved how Dov went from trying to remember all of the painful details of the shooting to the confusion over the SIU detective's questions and then the realization what she was implying. You could almost feel his stomach sink to his feet just watching him. I was so proud of him when he asked for his lawyer.  Smart boy.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

It all happened so fast. When you watched it the first time, were you sure the kid was holding a gun?

Nathy: No I wasn't. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to focus and I think that's why Dov doubted himself at one point. I'm glad he did the right thing though.

Kathryn:  I was pretty sure I saw a gun and not a cell phone because of the way he was holding his hand. But I think they did a great job editing it so it was just fast enough that the later doubts seemed very believable.

Christine: I thought the scene was very well done in that everything happened so fast it was almost impossible to be certain. I had to go back and watch it again in slow motion to be sure. 

Which would you prefer to see: a Chris and Dov bromance or a Dov and Gail romance?

Nathy: Chris and Dov bromance. I like Gail and the new rookie Nick, so I think I'm past the Dov and Gail romance.

Kathryn: Chris/Dov bromance. I'm over Dov and Gail for now, and I like Gail/Nick more than you I guess.

Christine  I guess I'm in the minority because I'm just not feeling the romance between Nick and Gail. As Gregory Smith said in our exclusive interview I feel that Dov and Gail are kindred spirits. The problem is that I'd hate to see Dov to lose his friendship with Chris over it so it may take some time before we see Dov and Gail get back together.

Out of all of the former rookies, who do you think would make the best detective?

Nathy: Even though Traci got the rotation, I think Andy would make a great detective. She was the one who started trying to figure out where Brennan had taken Sam at the end of Season 2 and there again, she's the one who researched on the store owner.

Kathryn: Traci or Andy. But I love Andy on the street, so I'm glad they chose Traci.

Christine: Traci's worked hard for it and she's earned that rotation but I agree that with some more experience Andy could make a great detective. I'd almost like to see if being a detective would make Gail more or less bitchy.

And for all of the shippers... what was your favorite Sam and Andy moment?

Nathy: Definitely when they're holding hands towards the end. Some of us dreamt of that moment and it was wonderful watching them actually do it.

Kathryn: SO hard to pick one because all their scenes explode off the screen! If I must, I'll go with the feet on the dash/ice cream truck. (When they're carefree they have a great modern day Gregory Peck/Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday thing going on.) But a close second was Sam looking like he's gonna spontaneously combust when he watches Andy in bad cop mode. (when the sexual tension is highest, they're like an even hotter version of Clooney/J-Lo in Out of Sight) Walking out holding hands also made me squeal like a tween at a boy band concert.

Christine: I love all of your examples Kathryn and although I didn't actually squeal like a tween, watching them walk out hand and hand with content grins on their faces definitely did my shipper heart good.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


favorite scene: I liked the last one when dov meets the boys sister. Smith did a great job not only portraying his characters troubled mind but also that he could connect to the girls feeling of having lost a brother. This will probably evolve into an interesting story arc. gun doubts: I was pretty sure, but then i doubted what I saw as well. Really well done episode. bromance vs. romance: I believe a real friendship can endure almost
everything, and certainly when you have each others back for a living. So I doubt a Peckstein romance would end chris´and dov´s friendship. So I want both. Because that scene between gail and dov last season was probably the most beautiful Piano-drops-from-thin-air-love-confession I´ve ever seen on tv. Best detective: Well after just being suspended for three month for having your brain in your undies in the wrongest moment I think andy is not really an option right know. I think tracie will be very good at this despite a rough start Sam&andy moment: I´m not really a shipper and I think they had better moments. But choosing from this episode I´d say the drive.


I haven't seen Rookie Blue on for two weeks!!! PLEASE don't take this show off the air, it is the best show there is.I think all of the charecters are great, so keep them coming.


This is a great show. Its positively addictive. Sam and Andy are awesome together. I have not seen chemistry like they have in a long time. Its a real good combination of wonderful actors and the writing staff doing their thing. I hope it has many more seasons.




@Mrs alex o'loughlin - I love them together and have wanted them together since day one too, but now I have to admit, we had more scenes with Luke/Andy as a couple than we have now with Sam/Andy. I know we see them together all day long at work but we got only one minute or two outside of work. It's not enough.

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene?I would say the opening scene with Andy and Sam! I love them together and have wanted them together since day 1.
It all happened so fast. When you watched it the first time, were you sure the kid was holding a gun? Yes I saw it right away, no pausing or rewinding needed for me!
Which would you prefer to see: a Chris and Dov bromance or a Dov and Gail romance? I like the Dov and Chris Bromance, however while I am not a Gail fan I really liked her and Dov together.
Out of all of the former rookies, who do you think would make the best detective?Traci! Andy is a great cop but she is best on the street, like Sam!
And for all of the shippers... what was your favorite Sam and Andy moment?
Everything Kathyrn said I was going to say.


@Sandra - Sorry to say, I don't miss Luke at all.


I love the bad cop scene by Andy. Sam looked like a proud papa looks like working with him has made her grow into a great cop. She was def trained by best. Im glad there getting back to being carefree together but seems to be an underlining sad feelin with sam. maybe he is just kind of in awe there actually together but kinda seems like he is not sure he deserves her. anxious to see how it all unfolds. I like dov with his current girlfriend. And gail will make best detective.she was actually the one that helped andy the most when brennan had sam. her nononsence attitude would be great for interogration. I like andy undercover. All sandy scenes are great n putting dov in serious situations really brings out the best in his character


Nice roundtable! The kid was definately holding the gun. I still think Chris / Gail are the best romance on the show and the way it ended was bogus. They should get back together. Traci will definately be the better detective in the end. Don't see Dov as a swat team member though.


I loved this episode, it was absolutely great!
- What was your favorite scene? - I can't really nominate one. Maybe Sam and Andy holding hands.
- Were you sure the kid was holding a gun? - No, I saw him holding something black but couldn't see what it was.
- Which would you prefer to see? - Chris and Dov bromance.
- Who do you think would make the best detective? - Traci and Andy.
- What was your favorite Sam and Andy moment? - I have 2 actually. Sam and Andy holding hands, and Andy threatening the witness and Sam admiring her for it. I really love this show.

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