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"Imperfect Storm" was an interesting step in the divergence of Hank and Evan's career goals and plans, but if there's one thing they can agree on, it's that they both love having Divya as an integral part of their teams.

Royal Pains is shaping up to bring back not only the things we love about summer and the Hamptons, but also about the relationships we've almost taken for granted over the course of the first three seasons.

Hank Examines a Client

New patients, new doctors and new complications hallmarked our weekly appointment with HankMed (2.0.?).

What are Hank and Evan doing? In almost every way it's obvious that these two are meant to work together. They are the Yin to each others Yang. SO WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT?

Hank does the doctoring, Evan does the marketing, Divya assists and the team works almost seamlessly. It's pretty simple, people.

The disjointedness of Hank and Evan's attempts to amicably split the business only emphasize the cohesiveness they once shared. The dissension is both sad and makes me want to wring their necks.

For this reason, I am so proud of Divya taking back control of the situation by choosing to equitably split her time between them Hank and Evan's HankMed 2.0. If there's one thing that will force these two to realize they were meant to collaborate, it's Divya. Her plea to them as her second, but at this time only, family emphasized this point.

It seems Divya will be taking a new and commanding role this season in more ways than one. She attempted to reestablish a relationship with her rather unwilling mother, but the most important part is that she's developed to the point that she's willing to voice that opinion in ways she hasn't before.

Divya Keeps Evan Quiet

Speaking of taking control, it seems that Jill's attempts to change her path and proceed to Uruguay were brought to a grinding halt when she received a call that her position in the faraway land had been filled. Now without a job or a house, Jill McGillicuddy is officially beached in the Hamptons.

I have to be honest, though, and say that I kind of saw this coming. She was all-talk for more than half a season before she made actual steps to begin selling her home and finding her replacement at Hamptons Heritage. She couldn't have lingered any longer without people beginning to ask her when she actually planned on leaving!

Guest stars also abounded this episode. Donal Logue returned as Ernie and Alexa Vega made a post-Spy Kids appearance this week as a character named Hollister. Not only do I love the name, but I loved seeing her all grown up. I almost didn't recognize her!

Also, who expected that storyline involving Luke?!? Sometimes I feel like he might become a regular on the show. We've seen him about three or four episodes now and he's an interesting and clever addition to the cast.

Are you over the HankMed feud yet? Are you excited to see how things may work out?


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I have to say that I think Evan was kind of tool in this episode. He continually tried to steal patients from his brother. I thought it was really crappy.
Well finally a decision was made about Jill. Almost all season she was talking about how she's leaving, but never actually left. Hopefully now they will just have her stay put and shut up about leaving. Obviously she's going to join Hank in his business.


Ditto what innerjuju said. Couldn't have put it better myself. I'm ready to pull the plug o RP. Even watching Diviya evolving character which is a real treat i might add is not enough to stem the repulsion I feel everytime the focus shifts to the whole hank/evan story. Maybe part of is that I really do not like Evans character or the actor that plays him. But I really feel it's mainly because of the really stupid and boring storyline of the hank med split

Avatar cut off. ...seems to be on the mend after learning that his family's been poisoning male heirs for generations. Some unanswered/unresolved issues:
1. Oh just SAY it..Cicani's got Asperger's Syndrome. No shame in it.
2. Does the state of HankMed (sans Hank) mean that Evan has to leave the guesthouse?
3. Writers, give us a little credit huh? Luke took a cold medicine (probably containing dextromethorphan) while under the influence of an MAOI (the anti-depressant he got from his female friend). Caution against that interaction is everywhere and the writers think we don't get it?!?!?!
4. If Van Dyke didn't actually perform a CT scan on Hollister (ie, the placebo effect), then where'd the clean scan come from, and who's gonna tell Van Dyke that he screwed up?


Finally....FINALLY, the writers decided to "get off the pot" and resolve the whole "Ain't Jill gone YET?!?!?!" thing. Like the reviewer, I also saw it coming and while it's a tad too "convenient" it set my mind up for a resolution for about a minute-and-a-half. When Jill told Hank that her job fell through, Divya hadn't told the guys who she'd work for so I thought "Settled--each woman works for one of the guys--problem solved all around!" Then Divya decided to split her time so that put Jill in limbo for me. I still think she'll end up moving in with the guys or with Divya and we'll see another round of "Jank." As for the feud, hopefully it won't last much longer. I'd like to see Boris' reaction to this. After all, Hank's there at Boris' request and Evan became part of the package. If they're not a package deal anymore...
It's also unclear if Hank still officially works for Boris, a man who apparently isn't within easy reach of the doctor he retained, and seems to be on the mend anyway after learning that his family's been poisoning male heirs for generations. Does the state of HankMed (2.0, sans Hank) mean that Evan moves out of the guesthouse? Other unanswered/unresolved issues:
1. Oh just SAY it already--Dr. Cicani's got Asperger's Syndrome. No shame in it.
2. I guess the writers thought us too medically illiterate to realize that Luke took a cold medication (probably containing dextromethorphan) while under the influence of an MAOI (the anti-depressant his female friend gave him). How often do we see that cautionary statement and yet, the writers think we don't get it? Give us a LITTLE credit please.
3. If Van Dyke didn't actually perform a full body CT scan on Hollister (ie, the placebo effect), then where'd the clean scan come from and who's gonna tell Van Dyke that he screwed up?


I am SOOOO over the feud. Perhaps it was supposed to add dramatic tension to the show. I fail to understand why the powers-that-be want to change the foundation of shows which made that popular. Clean this UP!! Mess with the basic premise too much and I quit watching (i.e., adding a baby to 'Bones'.)

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