Scandal Casting Scoop: Who's Out? Who's In?

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We've got news on a casting shake-up on ABC's Scandal.

Henry Ian Cusick - forever known to Lost fans as Demond Hume, but Pope & Associates employee Stephen Finch on this Shonda Rhimes drama - will not be returning to the show for its second season. The Hollywood Reporter says Cusick and Rhimes agreed to part ways on amicable terms.

Henry Ian Cusick on Scandal

Joshua Malina, meanwhile, who was only listed a recurring player on season one despite appearing in all seven episodes, has been upgraded to Scandal series regular. He plays attorney David Rosen.

Scandal was renewed in May and will air on Thursday nights this fall, following Grey's Anatomy and new drama Last Resort.

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I hope it means we get to see more of him on Fringe.


*not David, i meant Harrison when talking about the not having a dark side.
David is actually cool as a D.A.


What????? this is BS, him and Huck were the only two in the firm that i actually believed belonged there. Olivia is lacking leading lady charisma and it is hard to believe that she is as ballsey as it is scripted fer her. Quinn has been useless, not to mention that the creators have failed to provide any reason whatsoever why the firm needed her in the first place. the redhead in-house PI is interesting but only as a third or fourth supporting character. David is hot but doesn't have a dark side in him (i mean the actor) so he doesn't contribute to the dangerous and dirty side of this firm. all in all the entire firm looks like a makeshift study group of outsiders in their shaggy conference room with peeled off paint and old widows that are used as bulletin board. Finch and Mr President were the hottest guys there. Finch leaving is making this firm look even more childish, like amateurs without adult supervision!


Why is Shonda getting rid of the male eye candy on her shows?!

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