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Do we know anything about the woman at Harvey's home when Mike dropped by?



okay, i love this show and i get why Mike is acting the way he is but seriously, he better start showing some true loyalty to Harvey ASAP!!
i bet Mike will find a way back with Rachel, closer to the end of this season.


That episode was amazing! The Mike / Rachel thing, though well done was probably the last thing on my mind! Although that kiss they shared was smoldering. I seen the fear over Rachel as more strategic not an example of the emotional frailty of women or whatever. Afterall what did Trevor's stunt say about the emotional state of men. Tgw fact is when someone pisses you off and ties are cut often times so is the loyalty. If an opportunity presented itself where she could benefit from outing Mike they live in a world where she could. I was more fascinated by the dynamic of Jessica and Harvey. They have one of the most intriguing bonds on the show.loved seeing that explored and tested.Amazing. also love that Mike us awkwardly interacting more with Jessica and her and donna too. They're my two fave women on the show loved seeing them share screentime. The donna /Harvey thing is interesting. I suspect it was one sided on her part but I love the platonic nature of the relationships more than anything


The idea that Rachel is likely to become vindictive in the case of a (potential)future break up with Mike, and that it would cause a scorched earth event at the firm, just plays to the notion of the basic emotional instability of women. They could have done better than that. Of course, it's also easy to see this as the old adage "when we practice to deceive..." playing out against Mike.


Aww no can't believe Mike had to break up with Rachel....was so rooting for them. Love this show so much! Donna is awesome...with deep buried feelings for Harvey can't wait to hear the back story on this one. Underneath it all I'd say Harvey and Donna will eventually settle down together.

Also on another note....see when Rachel and Mike were talking about Daniel Hardman and how she reacted....I think that Rachel had an affair with Hardman when she first started in Pearson Hardman!!!


did you see how Donna said it's possible ? oh my god!!!she's dated Harvey!


Dang, I've been rooting for Mike & Rachel since the start of season 1 & that relationship began & ended in all of one episode? I really hope they get back together ... This season! Poor Mike won't be able to date anyone if he's concerned about not keeping that lie from them.

On another note, Donna might be favorite character on the show. Love her!


I honestly thought this was one of the best episodes of the series. Really good writing so far this season.


I'm sad mike broke up with rachael I wanted them to be together and still hope they work it out and end up together.

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