Supernatural Season 8 Scoop: A Love Interest for Sam

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Ruby died on Season 4 of Supernatural. It's time for Sam to move on.

So new showrunner Jeremy Carver clearly thinks, as he's preparing to cast a new love interest for the hunk of a hunter.

Mark Pellegrino on Supernatural

Described in network notes as "brave, sweet, smart and sarcastic," Amelia will be a doctor in her late 20s/early 30s who is introduced on episode three of Season 8. Look for her to be affected by a personal tragedy and initially unsure what to make of Sam.

It's a bit broad and vague, but have at it: Who should come on board as Amelia?

As just announced by The CW, Supernatural will return with new episodes on October 3.

UPDATE: Liane Balaban has landed this sought after role.

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you are the best jensen . I love you


I just love how so many fans actually think Sam can just have some normal relationship with a woman after every thing he's been through and what's happened to him. I'm sure this love interest will really fall for Sam after she learns everything about him. Like the fact that he slept with a werewolf and a demon who he also drank blood from. Either Sam will keep that from her and be lying to her or he'll tell her the truth and I'm sure if she's sane she'll run screaming from him.
Supernatural needs to go back to being about Sam and Dean hunting and saving people and not them falling in love and having a relationship with them. Supernatural is not a love story. It's not Vampire Diaries or a nighttime soap.
I'm hoping this woman is there to help Sam and that he's attracted to her and maybe feels something for her and maybe it could grow into something later down the road, but I doubt it. Sam and her will probably just have sex because Sam is due for some. Every other season he has sex onscreen.
If this new love interest turns into something more than just a quick fling or whatever than I'll probably stop watching. I don't watch the show for a love story.


I agree with Megan, I would like to see Sarah Blake from season one come back. She and Sam had great chemistry together. Having his love interest be a doctor is a great idea. Hunters need to have a doctor on their side. I wonder if Jensen will be directing this episode.


Good!! Some more female characters is exactly what the show needs. If it were me, I'd pick either Bridget Reagan (from "Legend of the Seeker") or Natalie Brown (from "Being Human").


deborah, the love interest for Sam has been described as a doctor that being said I can't see Dr. Amelia hanging around the Impala anymore than Kate Milligan, the nurse, hung around the Impala when it was John's car.


Eliza Dushku
Katharine Isabelle
Samaire Armstrong
Summer Glau
Elisabeth Harnois
Shantel Van Santen
Bethany Joy Lenz
Danneel Harris
Hilarie Burton! (Her husband played Sam & Dean's father.)
Briana Evigan
Laura Vandervoort
Jillian Murray
Chelsea Hobbs


well i m really happy they finally gonna give sam a girl thats not gonna go weird on him or die hopefully but i dont think its very fair that sera gamble wrote out deans long time relationship and now there planning to give sam one they should bring lisa and ben back into it as well then both brothers are gonna be happy and i think they can still be just as good hunters as ever possibly better if they have something beside s just the job carnt wait for october to see how jc is going to do season 8 hope its a good one.


I actually wish they would bring back "Sarah" from "Provence" in the first season as a love interest for Sam. They kind of left that open at the end for the two of them. I'd like to see if he ever runs into her again.


I have been a supernatural fan since season one and have always thought Sam's big heart needed real healing after the loss of his love in the beginning. But she needs to be tough to handle the road like Jo and her daughter. Amy Ackle would be a good one. And your right, I don't consider Ruby a love interest.


List of good actresses for the role of Amelia:
Dianna Agron,Eliza Dushku,Lena Heady,Elisha Cuthbert,Amy Acker,BrittanySnow,Maggie Grace,
Vanessa Marcil,and
Piper Perabo

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