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Likely because Sunday night's premiere was so exhilarating, "Shape Shifted" felt a bit underwhelming by comparison. There were certainly moments to enjoy, and new reveals to get excited about, but overall part two of the summer premiere wasn't Teen Wolf's best work.

One of those enjoyable moments was the opening scene, which is something the series did well throughout the first season. Teen Wolf is great at the pulse-pounding, suspense-filled cold open, and that was true once again in the scene between Isaac and his rage-filled father.

Derek on Teen Wolf

We met them briefly in the premiere, but that conversation about grades and cleaning up after dinner allowed the viewers to get to know this father-son duo at a much deeper level rather quickly. The father's temper was one for the record books. I was scared for the kid, even though his wolfian characteristics would have saved him from any serious danger.

And then the dad died. It wasn't by the hand - or claws I guess, or even mouth - of his son, but rather the new creature we sort of learned the identity of by the end of the hour. Is it a were-lizard? Is it a straight up shifter? I'm sure we will learn more as we continue to watch, but I'm hoping its the former rather than the latter.

Finding out about that new creature was an interesting reveal. They did a good job of teasing it out when it killed the father, as we could kind of tell it wasn't a wolf when he put his glasses up. After Scott saved Allison from it, though, we got to see it in all of its lizard glory. Figuring out what it is, and especially who it is, will be the really fun part.

Jackson, meanwhile, continued to give off his very intriguing "I don't care about anybody or anything" vibe as he told Lydia that just because he saved her it didn't mean he would do it again. Jax is portraying a very Tyler Lockwoodian style of werewolf, especially when he wanted to watch himself turn. Unfortunately for the kid, it didn't happen. So his body rejected the bite completely? He is never going to turn? I'm sure he will make something happen. Jackson is motivated like that.

When they introduced Grandpa Gerard in Sunday's premiere, I thought it was for more than making him the new principal. Really? You're getting rid of the current principal for falling test scores, and you're replacing him with Grandpa Argent? Is this just so he can keep an eye on the local student wolves? Oh, and nobody is causing a fuss over this?  Does he even have the credentials to be a principal?

While we are on the negative, the lacrosse scenes in "Shape Shifted" continued to prove that it is a major problem for the show. Come on! If Scott sprinted out from the goal to tackle a kid more than once, he would have been kicked out of the drill. Coach, and the rest of the players mind you, let this continue for four or five times. It had me shaking my head.

Luckily, there was plenty of good to go around, including the comic relief of Stiles and his partner in crime, Derek! These two make quite the dynamic duo. I loved it when Stiles thought that Derek was going to need a plan to distract the woman. Has he looked at Derek? Do people that good looking need a plan for anything? It was over before it began.

Like I said, "Shape Shifted" doesn't have me as hyped over the return of Teen Wolf as "Omega" did. It's still a welcome return, however, and I'm looking forward to seeing if season two can repeat the solid first season put forth last summer.

What did you all think of part two of the season premiere? Was it better or worse than Sunday's installment? What do you think is going on with Jackson? And what the heck is that new creature?


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If you look very closely when Peter throws the chair at the veterinarian it hits the wall not him, you can see at the back of him,that a crack, almost a hole is in the wall.. watch it again and youll see id didnt hit him


Okay so I didn't like the premiere episode as much as 2x02. 2x01 was good but I like 2x02 so much more. it had funnier moments. I loved the premiere until the second episode aired. it was wayy better. just my opinion.


The Lizard thing is Peter Hale, Dereck's Uncle. His body was burned by the molotov cocktail in the last episode of the first season (note the facial resemblance while burning). Thats why the lizard attack Allison and the argent in the ambulance who was sent to kill Issac in the prison-- both argents. He attacked Isaac's father spontaneously, while looking for Isaac (who is the first official accepting member of Derek's pack-- he wants to kill Derek's pack). He turned into this thing after healing from the burns and Dereck...
he has ascended past normal werewolf, and when Derek "killed" him he was not actually dead but simply so very close to dead (which is not new to him; i.e being comatose and healing back from it) that Dereck became Alpha, and everyone assumed he died. He eventually healed and became that lizard thing, which is a new form past aplha. The Gamma.


I liked this episode so much better. I think Lydia is the lizard creature but I also woulnt be surprised if its someone we least expect. I think when Derek scratched Jackson when he was hurt might have made it so his body rejected the bite because the wolfs bane would be inside him and would probably be fighting the bite also the old alpha said that some can't handle the bite like they die from it because there body can't take it. I think Derek is much funnier this season because last season he was all serious and he was only funny when he was threatening styles and Derek is sill serious this season but not as.


First thing a lycan is a stronger second version of a werewolve it can turn during the.night when ever it wants while a were wolf.is just a human/wolf thing that only turns on full moons while lycans is everynight,and can control there tranformations......


SPOILER sort of... The creature might be a Lycan, which is for those of you who don't know a half werewolf half vampire in mythology.


I am realizing I should have taken today off, that earlier comment made no sense. Yes, I get why Derek wants Scott in his pack (the need for personal increased strength, protection in numbers, the oncoming battle he sees and honestly, I think he kind of thinks of both Scott and Stiles as his younger brothers) but I don't know if he has thought it through - Derek is really only familiar with packs that are also family based. If they come at it like that (and they might given that Scott's mother looks like she is danger at some point in the season and if Derek rescues her and she understands that he is a fairly stable male figure in her son's life, that is likely Derek's best way to get Scott on board) they will be strong. But what Derek doesn't seem to realize is that Scott didn't choose this and yes, he is more comfortable, he lost his actual Alpha and is technically an Omega right now until he can realize that Derek's is actually the good side (I imagine that Stiles, Alison and I am guessing her father (who, good lord, he is really just Claire's father from Heroes, almost bad guy who is in fact a hero under it all) will be the people to make him see that as they will become allies or uneasy allies with the wolves). I am worried that next week that Derek's little pack will try and make Scott choose at that ice rink (um, and I have this feeling Lydia saves him but she scares the crap out of herself doing it) and Derek won't be happy with them. But, I would bet that once Scott joins with them for his own reasons, he and Derek will be the head of the pack (with Scott being his number one and also somewhat of his moral compass) and not all of these little wolves will survive (I am betting all but the girl survive, basically because Alison wouldn't likely stop her family from taking out someone who is after Scott)


I am having a disturbing theory about the lizard creature that is actually Jackson and it is just part of him that disconnects from his body (I agree with a previous commentator, I think something about the claw marks either should have told everyone, I had been thinking initially that since Derek was so ill went that happened and really didn't mean to do it that gave him immunity, but now I am wondering if that was the unaffected arm and the marks were deep enough that he would have turned, like Chris said). I am wondering exactly what is Scott's issue with the pack idea, he seemed aware of the benefits and with Alison's grandfather around, that might be useful. I am also wondering why it is so important to Derek (I am guessing that we will see Derek try to subjugate Scott, but discover he can't because technically Peter was Scott's alpha and while I doubt we will let Scott become and Omega, I wouldn't be surprised is Derek's pack is a little different, and possibly stronger, where he has one Beta who is close to his equal, Scott, and the rest are the next level down).


Some of your review comments made no sense. How exactly is Jackson acting like Tyler Lockwood when he wanted to video tape himself 'changing'? Tyler Lockwood never wanted to do that. Tyler was a jerk in the beginning....but not to the totall a-hole level that Jackson is. Seriously...this kid is a major tool.
I'm sorry but every episode can't be non-stop action. There has to be 'down time' for story development.
I thought it was mighty funny how Stiles couldn't understand how Derek would distract the woman at the front desk. I was thinking the same thing...'have you seen him stiles?!'.
I don't think they got rid of the principal.....but they 'persuaded' him to quit.


does anyone know the name of the song witch was playing when Lydia was entering school?

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Allison: Are you ready for this?
Lydia: Please, it's not like my aunt's a serial killer.

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