The Bachelorette Review: America's Most Hated

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Natalie Getz is a former Bachelor hopeful and the first-ever winner of Bachelor Pad.

In reviewing The Bachelorette for TV Fanatic this season, she brings her unique experience of having been through this insanity, as well as her spot-on commentary on the men seeking Emily Maynard's heart.

Was this week any better? Are The Bachelorette spoilers proving accurate so far? What man is emerging as one of the biggest d-bags in show history? Who really put the wind in Emily's sails this week?

Read on for Natalie's take on Episode 4 ...


Ryan is TV's most hated man right now, that's for sure.

On top of all the nasty remarks he had to say, the worst was this: "Emily, you have millions of people watching you and little girls that look up to you as a role model and your off making out with Arie."

"This doesn't make you look good. You need to watch yourself."

He is so insanely jealous that he is the typical guy that puts down his girl to get what he wants. This is a sick, disturbing quality. The only reason Emily is keeping this dork is because he is great for TV entertainment.

We love to hate him, that's for sure!

The five worst quotes heard on The Bachelorette this week:

1. "I'm athletic and a charming guy and, you know, all of those things. God really blessed me." - Ryan.

Just because you can beat little kids at sports doesn't make you athletic.

2.) "I need to evaluate Emily, because she may not be worthy of me." - Ryan.

Ryan, you are stupid.

3. "I'm really sure that I am a really good catch." - Ryan.

Ryan, I am really sure that a girl could certainly catch something from you.

4.) "Emily has potential, but then again, I feel like I'm called to something bigger, ya know?" - Ryan.

Yaaaaa... no, Ryan.  I don't know

5.) "If I was The Bachelor, I'd open my heart up and I think that would be neat for everybody to see." - Ryan.

It would be neat to see anyone BUT you become the next Bachelor.

The best worst quotes heard on The Bachelorette this week:

1. Emily: "When I'm sitting on my front porch I find myself thinking of you." (to Arie during their one on one time)

These two are so cute I can't even stand it!

2. Arie: "Doug is like The Hulk. Doug angry. Doug smash. Doug sad."

Doug cry.

3. Emily: "I don't work out."

Somewhere, Ryan is freaking out.

4. Emily: "I can't wait to come back to Bermuda with my husband and our babies."

Whoever she picks better have some strong swimmers.

5. Jef: "When I think about you, I like you."

Jef is always so nervous, it doesn't always come out right. I feel like he thinks about her and likes her all the time :)

Emily, Arie and Jef Photo

Episode rundown:

Emily takes her boyfriends to Bermuda. Doug gets the first one on one date and is freaking out because he is on his period. He continues to fight with every single guy taking all of his frustrations out so that he doesn't hit Emily.

She gives him the rose. She then takes a bunch of them on a group date.

Divided into two teams, they compete for more time with her. Emily put Jef and Arie on the same team paired up with the biggest athletes so that they would win and she didn't have to spend time with people she isn't in to.

Ryan makes a complete fool of himself in front of America and Emily and Jef gets the rose. The two on one was so boring that I fast forwarded through it. Nate cries, Wolf gets the rose. Finally, the rose ceremony arrives.

Ryan, again, makes himself look like the biggest d-bag in the world. Charlie gets sent home.


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I don't know where to go as I don't do facebook but if RYAN is as WONDERFUL as he thinks he is why is he alone? Simple, anyone that in love with themselves usually end up alone. I love the show but am getting so tired of these morons that they put on. I don't think it does the show good its just really annoying.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz., is Emily the most boring person ever?


I love how there is no mention of Michael not getting a rose. This guy got absolutely zero air time that it wasn't even noticeable when he didn't receive a rose. I didn't like his hair from the beginning, and how he at 26 years old said he had never been in love before... really? Not exactly the man Emily is looking for.


the new bacherollete is absolutley not good. She has a rather indifferent attidtude and does not respect herself. Why would guys want her if shes not even that great shes had lips after lips on her. Disgusting. Most these guys just awnna be on tv in my opinion she should pack up and just be a prostitute. Cause thats waht she is. If she wasnt on tv kissing a lot of guys she would be called a slut. but just cause its on tv it seems right..

Sarah silva

I do not like Ryan , she should have sent him packing and kept Charlie. Ryan is an egotistical guy that wants a trophy wife and would not touch you when you are pregnant as he would not be attracted to you if you gain any weight and would pressure you to lose the weight right away. Guys like that deserve to be alone!
OH and if they make Ryan the next Bachelor I will not be watching!
I know Emily wanted Jef to kiss her but the have not spent alot of time together so I think he just was unsure if she would want a kiss from him or not at this time, so I think when they have a one on one he will kiss her! I choose Jef or Sean for Emily!
Next week I bet Kalon runs his mouth off and he is the one she tells to leave as I can not see it being anyone else. Doug has to go! He has a temper and he may be sweet around but the temper would show eventually!

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