The Client List Season Finale Review: Daddy's Home

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The season finale of The Client List left me both satisfied and holding my breath, as Riley's secrets began to close in on her.

There were plenty of questions left unanswered in "Past Is Prologue" but none got under my skin more than not knowing where the heck Kyle has been. Throughout all of his begging, apologies and justifications he never actually said where he went or what he'd done for the past year.

Riley Tells The Kids

On the up side, it was enjoyable to watch Riley slam the door in his face upon his return. Goodness knows he deserved that and more.

Where the children on a lot of shows simply annoy me, I like the kids on The Client List. Kudos to the writers for giving them a touch of realism, personflied when Riley and the duo were sleeping on her bed. It was just this tangle of arms and legs going every which way and it made me smile. That's what it's like sharing a bed with children.

The kids were a mess upon Kyle's return, thrilled that Daddy was home but angry that he'd left them and fearful that he'd leave again. It's confusing for adults to deal with such a betrayal, but even more horrible for a child. 

Kyle was such a mess he didn't even seem to realize that it was summer break for the kids. For all of his apologies he failed to realize the hell he'd put his family through.

Nothing made me more furious than this The Client List quote where Kyle told Riley:

You're not exactly the easiest person to come back to. | permalink

If I didn't think Kyle was a complete ass before, that line certainly convinced me. I would have loved it if Riley had shown him the door and told him not to bother coming back... but they share kids, so it's not that easy.

My favorite scene of the episode was Evan confronting Kyle. He was so hurt that his only brother, his only living family member, could walk out and never say a word. In that moment I realized that Kyle betrayed him just as much as he did Riley.

But Riley's life was just as complicated at home. Georgie took off on "vacation" saying…

My spidey senses are tingling something awful. | permalink

... and left Riley in charge. Did she really think that the heat was only on her personally?  If she's wrong, and the actions of that State Trooper made it seem that she was, then Georgia just left Riley with a target on her back.

The moments that left me happiest were between Riley and Evan. It was as though they were in this together. When Evan said he loved her as he left, it meant so much more than the casual sentiment it could have been. And when Kyle spotted them holding hands, he knew that their relationship was no longer strictly platonic.

Was that why Kyle travelled an hour to follow Riley back to the spa? When he said he only came back because he heard she was in trouble, what the heck did he mean?

Am I wrong? Should Riley give Kyle a second chance or should she move on... with Evan? When her secret comes out, will either of them stick around? And how long will we have to wait until we get answers in season two because I want them now!


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Clients list BRAVO!!!!!!! Jeniffer Love U really Rock... N kyle luv yah!!


Umm so wait she's thinking about sampling another male of her husbands genetics? Wow, I have to ask how the fuck could that premise ever suit any female, your self-respect....GONE. Try not to deny being a whore at that point I mean really, forget faith (not one single religion supports that idea, in fact most recommend you to be put to death), forget your kids (contrary to tv land, when your kids realize your fucking their uncle, one day they grow up and realize what a whore mommy was/is).....Finally we have to ask all you women out there for just a second picture your husband/boyfriends brother grunting on top of you right now, and wondering if he's worried that his brother might of beat it up better....yah sexy huh?


I watched this show a few times and I found out it wasn't my cup of tea. I much prefer murder mysteries and true crime events. I couldn't believe that Jennifer would like portraying this character. I am glad that she is breaking loose in her own way but I still like her on "Ghost Whisperer".


@ JEREMY i dont think she will win an emmy because she kinda drops in and out of her southern accent. which i like because southern accents irritate me.


This is an owesome show, i have not been entertain like this in a long time. The charcters are ppl that have problems an deal with them in a real way. Most shows now only bs u to dead. Dont make us wait a year to get the show back it with b a shame to lose interest. Love evan an riley together. They belong together.


I love love love this show!! & waitung a year forvit too come back on is awful and a drag!! The show ending perfectly making everyone wanting more!! Evan hebis so Yummy and I want him and Riley together he is a good man!! I would have slammed the door in Kyle's face just thinking he could walk right back in like he never hurt his family..& im with tge previous comments How would Ky le know Riley was in trouble??What does the State Trooper have to do with thisim not convienced that Kyle still isnt up too no goog?? I just wonder if that Girl that told Riley about him being on drugs isnt Kyles lover & the kid really is his??/ IDK just a thought..I just want this show to HURRY & come back on.....


where can i get rileys bed set on daddys home eppisode


I love the show, but i would hate to wait a year. I think people will probably lose interest, the wait is 2 long...


You also forgot to ask,"is Riley going to have to give up that "book of secrets" that she was holding...?


Sorry it cut me off : show the strength that this man have. And hopefully Riley see is or if not they give him a true woman that deserve him. Oh I can't wait to the show comeback. If they keep this writing up, it will be a huge hit like Army wives. lucky Army wives is back on this sunday.

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