The Client List Season Finale Review: Daddy's Home

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The season finale of The Client List left me both satisfied and holding my breath, as Riley's secrets began to close in on her.

There were plenty of questions left unanswered in "Past Is Prologue" but none got under my skin more than not knowing where the heck Kyle has been. Throughout all of his begging, apologies and justifications he never actually said where he went or what he'd done for the past year.

Riley Tells The Kids

On the up side, it was enjoyable to watch Riley slam the door in his face upon his return. Goodness knows he deserved that and more.

Where the children on a lot of shows simply annoy me, I like the kids on The Client List. Kudos to the writers for giving them a touch of realism, personflied when Riley and the duo were sleeping on her bed. It was just this tangle of arms and legs going every which way and it made me smile. That's what it's like sharing a bed with children.

The kids were a mess upon Kyle's return, thrilled that Daddy was home but angry that he'd left them and fearful that he'd leave again. It's confusing for adults to deal with such a betrayal, but even more horrible for a child. 

Kyle was such a mess he didn't even seem to realize that it was summer break for the kids. For all of his apologies he failed to realize the hell he'd put his family through.

Nothing made me more furious than this The Client List quote where Kyle told Riley:

You're not exactly the easiest person to come back to. | permalink

If I didn't think Kyle was a complete ass before, that line certainly convinced me. I would have loved it if Riley had shown him the door and told him not to bother coming back... but they share kids, so it's not that easy.

My favorite scene of the episode was Evan confronting Kyle. He was so hurt that his only brother, his only living family member, could walk out and never say a word. In that moment I realized that Kyle betrayed him just as much as he did Riley.

But Riley's life was just as complicated at home. Georgie took off on "vacation" saying…

My spidey senses are tingling something awful. | permalink

... and left Riley in charge. Did she really think that the heat was only on her personally?  If she's wrong, and the actions of that State Trooper made it seem that she was, then Georgia just left Riley with a target on her back.

The moments that left me happiest were between Riley and Evan. It was as though they were in this together. When Evan said he loved her as he left, it meant so much more than the casual sentiment it could have been. And when Kyle spotted them holding hands, he knew that their relationship was no longer strictly platonic.

Was that why Kyle travelled an hour to follow Riley back to the spa? When he said he only came back because he heard she was in trouble, what the heck did he mean?

Am I wrong? Should Riley give Kyle a second chance or should she move on... with Evan? When her secret comes out, will either of them stick around? And how long will we have to wait until we get answers in season two because I want them now!


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I couldn't agree more with everyone here.For once they got everything right, when it comes to the emotions; down to how Lacy reaction, how the children reaction- even to mommie new suitor, as well as how Evan reaction. When his boss say those things, and even when Kyle came home. How it was like a family unite, rushing by to check on everything, and not letting him slide. I mean you truly felt it and saw it in their eyes when they conforted Kyle, and his actions. And I actually tear up when Evan conforted Kyle, the word were so hurt breaking and his emotions were so dead on. And the fact that Kyle just set there and say nothing. I truly think that he thought that maybe Evan would be on his side, but when he heard what he have to say, you could see it in his eyes that he have no comeback. He couldnot talk his way out of it. That is why he told him to hit him, and the fact that Evan was more of man to not let him take the easy way out, by just hitting. He just walk away, show the strength that this man have. And hopefully Riley see is or if not they give him a true woman that deserve him. Oh I can't wait to the show comeback. If they keep this writing up, it will be a huge hit like Army wives. lucky Army wives is back on this sunday.


I love this show! Only started watching during the marathon last week. I'm so glad I tuned in. It's refreshing to see the characters react as everyday people would under the circumstances, so relateable. My favorite scene was with Kyle and Evan, it was unexpected to see Evan display the hurt he felt as his brother not as an uncle or brother-in-law.
How dare Kyle say you're not the easiest person to come home too, Riley's reaction was spot on. Although violence is never the solution at least she was able to release some of the anger instead of falling back into his arms as traditional drama writing would have it.
I think the sheriff showed up because of the alarm. But I do believe he's the one that told Kyle about Riley being in trouble, noone else knows that would contact him other than Selena and she could care less if Riley's two worlds collide.
I know this is about the season finale but since I just joined I must comment on the kiss between Riley and Evan, it was the most passionate kiss I've seen on tv in years. Evans linger after the kiss was complete pulled at my heart strings and I saw the love he's buried for her in the years they've known each other. Can't wait for next season,




I love this show and I am really enjoying the way things have played out. I am so nervous for Riley to get caught, you know it's bound to happen soon! As far as the finale I agree with all of the previous comments but it also left me wit a few questions...If Kyle came back because he heard Riley was in trouble, who the hell was talking to him to let him know. Does this mean someone has been in contact with Kyle and knew where he was all along? When the trooper showed up I had a feeling it was bc she was getting busted red handed with client list in hand (which should be interesting for her to explain why she is there so late)but then I figured he is probably there bc she tripped the alarm when she arrived. What was Kyle talking about with that trooper?...How do they know each other?...Lastly, where the hell has he been all this time? I can't wait for season 2...


I loved everything about this episode until the end I hate having to wait a full year until a season comes back it is way too long!! props to Jennifer Love Hewitt for not only starring as the main character she also had story credits producer credits and directed the season finale that is a lot to take on for all of those different jobs seperately great job!


I want Riley to end up with Evan. Itoo, think Kyle is a total jerk. This season had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I think Kyle is setting Riley up at the spa, especially with the conversation he had with the State trooper.


I havent been this involved in a show in years. Everytime i get hooked they seem to go off the air. However, i have a feeling this time this one is sticking around. What a great role jennifer plays. She is gorgeous. I love Evan and the adore seeing the love they have for each other. Cant wait for season two. Every episode has been well written and has been so enjoyable to watch!


I wonder if the actors playing Kyle and Evan were reversed, if there still be such overwhelming support among female viewers for Evan. Doubt it.


I agree with everything the reviewer said, and I, too, hope that Riley will end up with Evan, who has proven that he's the far superior man by being there for Riley and the kids while his skunk of a brother just left them without support or anything for a year. Kyles a "tool" and an asshat, and I can tell from the flashbacks that he didn't treat Riley or the kids well when he was at home, and that he was immature and had a short fuse on his temper, so I think she needs to divorce him, pronto, and get things going with Evan. I don't think that the spa is going to last, considering that the slimebag politician and the sleazy cop have it out for the ladies, so I think that everything is going to come to a head before Georgia gets back (and I think it was crappy of her to leave Riley holding the bag, especially with Selena just trying to find ways to take revenge on her)


I thought the whole episode was great. It was so well done. I am in complete agreement with everything you wrote. I think the trooper who is about to show up is the same one that offered Riley "protection" for a price. I think somehow that is going to come into play. I hope that she doesn't change her mind about seeing where things go with Evan just because Kyle is giving her an actual reason for why he left. I love that although Kyle said he's still the man she fell in love with, Riley said "she's not!". Good for her. I can't wait to see where they go with it. My husband never watched it with me until last night and he asked how long Kyle had been gone. When I said a year without any word, he said forget him! hahahahahaha

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