The CW Sizzle Reel Teases New Shows, Returning Favorites

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It may be only June, but The CW is already gearing up to get fans in the mood for September... and October... and November... and... you get the idea.

The network has released a sizzle reel that includes footage from the most recent seasons of favorites such as The Vampire Diaries and Nikita, while also splicing in scenes from Arrow, Cult and others new shows that will premiere this fall and winter.

Which are you most excited for? Vote below and watch now:

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David and sabrina 2014

I find no point in other shows and I can't wait for season 4 of vampire diaries. =)


i agree with mastermikmik i won't watch gossip girl; season 5 was too horrible, the writers really think we are a punch of imbeciles after the pact with god, the wedding, the dair crap we are suppose to be happy that chuck and blair are back together, safran has done too much damage to the show, no one can fix what they have done it's too disgusting.Really after dair i just couldn't keep support this show, the writers showed NO respect to their fans.


The song is called " Let it roll part 2" Flo Rida featuring lil Wayne


i vote nikita and hart of dixie. returning shows :)


This basically just reminded me how I'm NOT coming back for season 6. I still Can't believe I've stuck with this show for 5 seasons, only to have them ruin every. single. character. on it so that Chair will happen. Bad writing is bad, but tolerable, horrific writing and plain idiocy - is not.


Sounded like Flo Rida... what's the name of the song?
Looking so forward to Nikita!!! :)


I'm not exciting to see anything from this.after they cancelled the tsc,the only i want to watch is tvd.all the others are just sucks.


this preview has really made me fully decided to move on to ABC for Revenge, PLL and OUAT


What's th name of the song that's used in this video??


whats the song?

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