The Fate of Tara on True Blood: Sort of Revealed!

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In case it wasn't already obvious from these True Blood episode descriptions, creator Alan Ball has now made it clear:

"Tara is still part of the show," he told TV Guide last week, in reference to Rutina Wesley's character, who was shot in the head to close True Blood Season 4.

In what capacity, however? That remains the question.

Tara Poster

A vampire? A ghost? A regular human being? Neither Ball nor Wesley will say, but the actress did tease that fans will need to prepare for a difference in Sookie and Tara's relationship no matter what state the latter is in.

"That's going to be the interesting part to watch: Tara's reaction to Sookie and Sookie's reaction to Tara," Wesley says. "All I can say is it's charged."

True Blood is back with new episodes on June 10.

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O pls this is lame so hw is she gonna bear her twins


I'm so absolutely sick of Tara. It almost seemed like she became the focus of the show instead of Sookie. The show was so much better when Sookie was the focus. I'm so sick of them trying to add depth to the character who will get this show cancelled. Please kill this sorry excuse of a character. She does better in a B or C story line. She surely doesn't deserve the A story line. For people that like Tara, why?


I for one am glad that Tara will be back on the show. No matter her role, she is a good actress. To those who think she should be killed off: are you nutts! She makes the show with her sassy wit.


Tara is actually my favorite character on the show. And they did ghosts in season four, so why wouldn't she be a ghost? But I'm going with Vampire and I think it'll rock.


I`m definitely not watching now.


Pam, better be the maker!!!


am so glad there are pipo out there that at tara as much as me

Jose t

Logistically she should die...dude she got shot in the head... True blood doesn't do ghosts, they de dreams,flashbacks and illusions but not ghosts. If she comes back as a vampire, the logistically either bill or eric should turn her since they can sense her emotions but I guess Pam will turn out to be the maker, this has potential because Pam hates eric and pam the worst!


i wish she were dead for good. a reason more to hate alan ball.


My guess is that she'll come back as a vampire. It's obvious how much Tara hates vampires and for someone such as herself to be brought back as one would go crazy - especially against her bestfriend who is responsible for it.

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