The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 117

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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest turned dour this week, as we highlighted the death of Bill Forbes and, specifically, sweet Caroline's reaction to his passing.

As always, we greatly appreciate participation from a slew of TVD fans, but there can only be one winner. And that honor falls this week to... Dee! That reader chimed in with the entry below and and made us laugh by slightly tweaking the show its penchant for bringing characters back from the dead. Well played!

Thank you to all who played and remember to come back every Friday for a new photo!

Caroline and Dad

Bill: Why are you crying, honey? This is Mystic Falls. No one stays dead for long here.

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Caroline: Oh God! vampires are not supposed to grow old but, I think I need some fresh blood before looking more like my mom...


liz: Caroline, he's gay dear. Having him touch your boob will only get him to pick out shirts for you.


Caroline: Whatever happens to your boyfriend? He needs to know you're dying!
Bill: Eric Northman is not my boyfriend, darling.
Liz: Wrong show, you two!


Caroline: Daddy I love you so much, please don't die.
Liz: He was just a guest star, they all die at some point.


The awkward moment when you think your family is crying over your imminent death…but they’re really just watching Grey’s Anatomy on your TV.


Liz: Caroline, I’m sorry, but…he was a vampire and a gay. His chances of going to heaven are rather slim, don’t you think?


Caroline: Mom, what have you done?
Sheriff Forbes: I.. I think... I think I killed him.
Caroline: Mom! I can't find a pulse!
Sheriff Forbes: Oh, my. What am I going to do?
Caroline: Go. Quick. Pull the.. wait is that $20 on the floor?


But Daddy you can't leave us. Who will walk me down the aisle. You can't leave me! Wait is the sun up? Stupid me he is just sleeping. You know how vamps are sleep all day play all night. Unless of course is you have one of these special rings.


Caroline(sobbing):...and he said he would take me to Paris, Rome, Tokio and then he drew me a horse...
Bill: Caroline, I don't care what he offers you, you should hang out with hybrids your age.


Caroline: I forgave you for torturing me, but I will never forgive you if you leave me here with her! – Oh, hi Mom.

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