The Vampire Diaries: Witch Way to Go with Bonnie?

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The residents of Mystic Falls have already had to deal with Alaric Saltzman going from heroic history teacher to evil supernatural slayer.

Will they soon need to brace themselves for another journey of a local favorite to the dark side?

Asked about storyline for The Vampire Diaries Season 4, executive producer Julie Plec told E! News last week that a lot of debate is raging over Bonnie's future on the show.

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"She's tapped into some darker stuff," Plec said, referring to the spell Bonnie pulled off to bring Jeremy back to life. "I don't know which way we'll go with her in season four. Do you go down a road even though people did it really well, do you really want to do that? Or do you ignore what other people did and do it because it's right for the character? I'm interested to see where we land on that as writers."

Plec's concern, interestingly enough, stems from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how that series dealt with the character of Willow.

Where do you think TVD should go with Bonnie? Ponder the possibilities, leave a comment and then weigh in on what actor should come on board as Bonnie's father.

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Its hilarious on just how much of this show could have been more enjoyable if Elena was closer to her book-version. Sometimes I think to myself that TVD needs to be a comedy show as everytime Elena and Co. tried to come up with yet another epic fail plan or try to kill Klaus, I couldn't help but imagine that audience who laughs when watching live comedy on stage...Especially that scene in Murder of One when Stefan gave Elena that crossbow...


While it is true that the actress that plays Bonnie, Kat Graham, isn't a regular Meryl Streep when it comes to acting, she is one of the most gorgeous cast on the set of TVD, apart from Ian Somerhalder and her acting has improved over the last three seasons. To be quiet honest almost the entire cast's acting is average at best, Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies are the only two actors I can really call talented.


yes other have lost more than Bonnie but that was not the point of what people means that Bonnie loses the most helping Elena. Yes Elena lost so many parental figures but she will no matter what always have someone care for her well being. All the bad shit that has happen to Caroline had nothing to do with helping Elena, it was just the writers trying to make everyone feel bad for Caroline or because writers think Candice's crying is most endearing thing ever. Bonnie has pretty much lost everyone who looks out for her well being as her friends should as hell don't. She has also apparently no longer person due to Elena. That is imo far worst then Elena and Caroline's losses because guess what someone will come in to replace the shit they lost and everyone "loves" them.


while I mostly agree with you on stuff. I disagree that Kat is at bottom. Candice is just an okay actor who benefits from good writing as she pretty much sucked in season 1 (and I too have seen Candice in other stuff she is what I refer to as one note and can only play one type of character).
If the writers put effort into Bonnie as they do Caroline, Kat would be higher than Nina and Candice who are both overrated and quite frankly, Kat does the best for what she is given. imo Candice was not on par with her acting as she was in season 2 because her storylines was dumb as fuck and I mostly FF her scenes as Candice's crying got annoying.Also anyone who is not up Ian's ass knows when it comes down to has the best quality when it comes to their work, it is Paul.


By the way.....I LOVED Dark Willow......season 6 of BTVS will always be my favorite! So refreshing to see Willow's evil side come out- and in my opinion, she had every right to do what she did.


The biggest sin of TVD has been making Elena a boring 'nice' girl, when they could have given her the spunk of the Elena in the books. Huge, huge mistake. And I feel guilty for saying this, because I'm sure Kat Graham is a nice person, but she can't act. I'm sorry, it's mediocre at best. I was watching 'Honey 2' the movie the other day, which she stars in, and she was pretty bad in that as well. I think she needs to stick to singing/dancing.


fyi, there were "good witch turning dark" sls before. and you've already copied SO MUCH from btVS. so stop whining


I really liked Bonnie in the first two seasons, because she never went down the Willow route of getting addicted over dependant on her magic, and because she was always very cautious, even sensible about using it. Then again, I think Damon was spot on when he nicknamed her 'Judgy', beacause it wasn't just Stefan and Damon she condemned because of their actions, but anyone who happened to slip up, even accidentally. She was extremely harsh on Caroline, when she became a vampire, but the sad fact is that Caroline did not really mean to kill her first victim. She's even harder on Elena sometimes, when she does something that Bonnie disagrees withbut the truth is that no body's perfect. Then the writers never have Elena hold anything against Bonnie, but always try to patch things up. The writers just have Bonnie sit back until somebody asks for her help. Yes she has suffered because her grandmother died and then mother was turned into a vampire, but other characters have suffered just as much, if not more, like Jeremy, who has lost his entire family, including Alaric, but the writers have only used this to make him a stronger character. We also need to see a darker side to Elena now that she's a vampire.


Personally, I LOVED dark Willow. But Bonnie's character isnt nearly so well developed or beloved. I actually find her boring now which is too bad. She could have had promise.


The difficulty with a "Bonnie goes dark" story is that, for this to work well, the audience has to already love the character so that the turn impacts emotionally. Bonnie's character has not had sufficent sympathetic development recently, so if the writers want to turn her dark (which I think is a good idea narratively) they will need to give her more sympathetic screen time along the way to make her turning a emotional struggle we can empathise with. I think some heart-to-hearts with either Stefan or Damon would help as they both know what it is to struggle with inner darkness.

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