Time Slot Showdown: Thursday Night Mayhem!

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A town full of vampires. A stage full of singers. An island full of rogue submarine passengers and a sitcom full of jokes about sex.

Thursday nights this fall will feature a little bit of something for all TV viewers, from the suspense of The Vampire Diaries to the results of The X Factor to the return of Andre Braugher to a new night for Two and a Half Men.

Indeed, from old favorites to new dramas to blocks of sitcoms, 8 p.m. on Thursdays ought to be one of the most competitive time slots of the week.

As we give thanks to the inventor of the DVR, we're also left to wonder: Which of the following shows will you watch live every week?

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TVD for me!


I'll watch The Big Bang Theory live. I'll DVR Last Resort.
I voted Last Resort because I detest 2 1/2 Men. :-p


I care about you The Bing Bang Thoery but i love TVD...IT WILL ALWAYS BE TVD!


It going to be an ABC night for me. TVD has moved to youtube status as JP has not even written nor seem to have planned anything other than boring triangle bull shit.


Vampire Diaries all the way!


Vampire Diaries at 8 and Glee at 9. My two favorite shows. Thursday will officially be the best day of the week for me!

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Charlie: You're like an Alzheimer's patient in a whorehouse.
Alan: What do you mean?
Charlie: You're constantly surprised that you're getting screwed, and you don't want to pay for it

Alan: What's wrong with him?
Berta: Classic case of va-jay-jay fever.
Alan: Colorfully put. I'm just surprised to see Charlie fall for it.
Berta: Sooner or later all men fall for it. How do you think I got my condo in Palm Springs?
Alan: You have a condo in Palm Springs?
Berta: No, figure of speech. Don't try to stop by.